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Here and it is so dry you're seeing all of these bits and pieces of berry brittle brew riddle of stuff that has just ignited it is a very dangerous situation and while the fire is not burning here because there's no more fuel it is burned through this whole community it is barreling through the hills and there is always concern for people's safety it has already killed horses but so far noone has died in this fire not a single person has died in this fire it is incredible the work that the firefighters are doing wolf through there have all the resources the firefighters they need sir they've been bringing in resources from other states some of them have been staying for example at the getty museum which is at a very good position to try and help out some of the blazes and we need to remember this is just one of six fires that are burning and we should also mention that every few hours it seems another small blazes popping up and firefighters are having to race of that so they are stretch thin which is why there is a state of emergency as well wolf sir slugger in the city for us as well thank you sir a coming up we'll have more on the breaking news in the russia probe report says the investigators have interviewed at other one of president trump's close advisors hope picks hey before you go we wanted to let you know that we just launched the ability for anyone to advertise on cnn podcast you're just a few cliques away from reaching millions of people in a way that you never have before advertise were a business event or kick and awareness campaign for your brand start todaypurewinningcomcnn integrating podcast into your marketing mix has never been easier will even tell you how to save fifteen percent on your cnn campaigns for the rest of 2017 go to pure winningcomcnn to get started.

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