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E. V. I N. D. C. Promo Code Kevin. DC At my bookie DOT AG. Kevin you know I I was just talking about about the VIP room at a Strip club which I'm unfamiliar. We heard about. I've told you stories about it because I heard stories you know and at at the time I was talking about it I get a call on my cell phone from Russia now. I've heard I've heard that there's Oughta Oughta Eastern European club would know about it. I I don't know that either. I'm kind of surprised about that But it's a unique a coincidence that I got a call from Russia. Yeah well when when I'm just having been in Russia no I've never told me before you've been the rush I haven't I'd actually like like to go heard it's fantastic. I have no idea why because I don't care you don't care about traveling you like to travel. Yeah Yeah I mean I don't why would I want to go to rush. Not Because I've heard it's spectacular and beautiful in the whole thing I I haven't been to any of the eastern bloc. I've been to Berlin but but I have not been actually I'd like to go to Prague because I hear Prog is supposed to be the the frogs great too. Yeah so that's that's pretty much it other than that. I've not take your interest. Is there a place that you'd like to go other than Prague. What's on your travel? Slow on an island. I've never been I haven't either. I WANNA go okay so I want to go to island and I like to go to Alaska. I've never been to Alaska not another country. I realize thanks left eaters. I just want to point that out not another country but you can see Russia from Alaska. Yes you can yes you can other than that you know. I'm curious about about Africa Because I really do think that over the next twenty to thirty years that there's going to be tremendous opportunities for -tunities in Africa in terms of growth and change but as far as traveling. I've been Australia. I've been to Italy. I like to go back to Cuba. I've been the south. I I mean my job took me to a Lotta places. Yeah I was very lucky Islands is now on the top of my list. There you go That's a that's at the top OPPA. MYLA's too I I'm going to do with my three sons at some point in the very near future we're going to do you know sort of race in Ireland and maybe Scotland Combined Gulf trip. You know where we that sounds great. I think that's what we're GONNA do. It's an I I haven't been to Ireland so when he's going to do and I'd also like to go to Newport beach which is not out of this country but after talking about Orange County and thinking about Newport beach and how beautiful it is it'd be great to get out there for a few days when it gets cold. When are you going to do this? Trip you know you gotTa stop talking about it. You're right about that and we've talked about it and talked about it as a family and we're GONNA do it. Maybe this coming summer if not the following summer for sure the problem it's a it's always a problem is now my oldest. You know he's not in school he's out working. He's got a job. We can half off a healthy for me to take a week Anapa but not in the summer we can do that. All right So yesterday Bill Callahan. My Guy Bill my man Bill Callahan. Had Oh my God Tommy. This press conference yesterday was fourteen minutes long. I've told people this before and it somebody asked him. How do you know what? Because all of these press conferences. This is are available to all of you in some of you said how do you listen. You're not out there right. And I know they're all online gonNA REDSKINS DOT COM com. Go to you know. EAGLES DOT COM. They put all of their press conferences. Up there for you to watch and you go through a bunch of NFL sites and look at the Wednesday press conferences from the coach. His you'll see most of them average six seven minutes eight minutes tops. He's got him at thirteen. Fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen minutes being a member of the media media you would you. Would you should welcome that. Well he gives you more content. They're true you go he. He's just trying to explain. Thanks he's he does take some time explaining things so there were two things Yesterday that he talked about that were interesting to me. Number one was In his comments about Dwayne Haskins which will get to in a moment and then number two. And you missed the conversation yesterday that I had with Aaron and all AH everybody that That listened to the podcast yesterday About Josh Norman and how he continues to be active even though on Sunday he he didn't a second straight week he didn't was out there for one snap special teams or defense and was only one of two players who wasn't on the field for a snap in the game I'll start there and I'll come back to Haskins in a moment because the Haskins conversation may require many of. You demanded an apology for me on Monday I may. They actually demanded an apology from you. On what on what Callahan said about Haskins. Yeah some of you may have to cover your ears for this one. You may have to so Josh Josh Norman. Tommy has not played a snap. The last two games on Sunday. He was one of only two players that didn't play snap. The other one was case keenum. Although many of the people out there think the case keenum should have been in the game He has in his contract. A five hundred thousand dollar annual bonus which gets it's divvied up into sixteen weeks thirty one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars a week for being on the active forty six man roster last week against Carolina. This Guy Chris Odem remember him number played really well after being signed off the scrap heap earlier in the week. Yes and he was down fully healthy. He was a he was a healthy scratch. And yet Josh Norman was up for the game and you know Goldie was actually she talking about it yesterday morning as I was on my way in and I thought wow when it's it had me thinking about a lot of things which I'll get to with you in a moment. I don't want to be repetitive from yesterday's show but I do want to have that conversation briefly with Tommy but it is insane if you have no intention of playing Josh Norman to have him him up and active. When you've got a guy in Chris Oldham that played really well that you may WanNa see more of? I mean all these young players should be getting these minutes. You've already decided sided. That Josh Norman is not going to play for you. You an injured players on Saturday at the corner position. Moreau went out came back in Dunbar was hurt and any still did not go into the game. Didn't play one snap in the game. I think if they had lost another corner case keenum may have gone again to the play corner before Josh Norman in so yesterday once again Callahan was asked about Norman being inactive in the game and these were among his shorter answers on why Josh Norman remains active quote. He's in some different packages and he's still up and in a role all where we could potentially play so that's his role as it stands right now shortest answer of the entire press conference by miles. Then he's asked a little but later on. I think it was by Ben Standing as a follow up on Josh Norman Basically but you know he wasn't you you had injured players and he still didn't play a snap and he said and then and then Ben followed up again and said what does he need to do to get back onto the field just to cont- in Callahan said quote. Just continue to work and be himself improve on all aspects of his game as we are. We are looking for a few more players. Danny Johnson's it's come up. They just brought him up. He came out of the PUP and we put him up this week Sudan. He will be up and we're looking at him and CO WTN's getting a little bit more of a look so we're looking at all these DVD's because of where we're at late in the year and we're just trying to get a little bit. More evaluation of the younger players close quote really. Didn't answer the question because he doesn't have an answer for the question because in my particular opinion it's not his decision not his call. Even though remember he demanded roster control. Somebody is putting Josh Norman and demanding that Josh Norman be active. I think in this I it could be completely off but it makes sense to me that somebody's got him up there because they want him to continue to collect these bonuses and my question is why why. Why would they cave and Kowtow in genuflect to Josh Norman while simultaneously? Are you trying to bleed figuratively Trent Williams. Exactly exactly if the idea is to show to players that that that you're not you're not gonNA hurt them that you're you're going to support them. That ship has sailed with Trent Williams. It's so ridiculous I don't and so when I heard the I just gave you the quotes from the answers yesterday Callahan. I guarantee you if he's active again on Sunday. Maybe the pressure in the questioning. actioning of this is going to make the redskins reconsider on Sunday. But if he's up again and dozen play a snap and you've got younger players healthy that are down will then. I mean we've already seen it two weeks in a row so you have to question already right why they've done that And maybe you know. Maybe he'll be down this week. Maybe they'll feel the pressure of some of these questions and say it's becomes too obvious they were trying to get josh some of this extra money. It just it's stupid it's so them it's so and I and I said yesterday and I'll and I'll shorten it because many of you have already heard it and you listened to it yesterday and you agreed with me most of you. It just made me think about what they are as an organization about how you know they tend to focus on things that don't help winning you know and I went through. Aw All of their community involvement all of their charitable you know causes you know we know because we worked for the station that was owned by Dan Snyder. How important a lot of these charity events vents? In how important how often we got asked to go to an event with Ryan Kerrigan was somebody else and this is what they really lived for these things things community things and there's nothing wrong with that and I made that very clear yesterday. It's all the be applauded and admired. But it's always been the most important thing for the owner you know Ryan Kerrigan should have been traded but Ryan Kerrigan is. Hey True Redskin. Dans is this is a guy. That's been a true redskin. Even even though his record as a redskin a is fifty six eighty six in one. That's the team's record since Ryan Kerrigan has been here with zero playoff wins and but that's important to them and they they're already beginning to make plans for his ring of fame induction and I mentioned yesterday. Let's hope they don't do a London Fletcher with Kerrigan. They spell his name correctly. But it's always been so important to them and many people said. Did you take too far there. I think maybe part of my perspective comes from knowing in in in in dealing with with them. These are the things that matter. It's what doc always said you know. Basically comes comes from docks theory about the Redskins that nobody does Monday through Saturday better than skits. It's game days. That have always been the challenge in part of it. Is that the owner. He doesn't know anything about football. He doesn't know how to win in this sport. So these other things that you know he believes fans are relating to like holding moving up Chris Samuels and all of these former players and Ryan. Kerrigan is going to be the next one and you know taking care of Josh Norman. You know in doing right by Josh. Norman Norman is somehow like meaningful not so you meaningful..

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