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Anyway. Lisa bloom who you may know is harvey weinstein's former attorney who actively tried to protect him from rape allegations. She bought the house. Lisa bloom proceeded to gut the house for a complete overhaul renovation. That means all of the beautiful historic detail is gone and look. I'm no architect but it seems to me if you buy a gorgeous spanish revival from the nineteen twenties that probably doesn't need much more than some cosmetic work and a lot of saging you want to keep the historical integrity of the house. Not lisa bloom. Lisa was like get rid of all of it. But then oopsy. After stripping the whole house basically down to its foundation bloom claims she then found out that bringing the house up to code would be too expensive cool. Maybe next time check with the city before taking sledgehammer to a one hundred year old house anyway in twenty nineteen. The house was bought again by some people who began to chronicle their renovation journey on instagram. It was pretty cool to follow while it lasted. Their last post was on february eighth. Twenty twenty one rumor has it. Someone bought the rights to the story. Which i guess belonged to the new owners of the house. Who knew that buying an old house. Granted you ownership to all the things that may have happened inside it over the years. The good news is whoever bought. The rights will probably have a platform longer than a half hour podcasts. To tell the story. So maybe we'll finally find out all the nitty gritty details. The weird time capsule the house at twenty four. Seventy five glendower's became though something tells me the audience that goes to see a movie about a gruesome murder. Slash suicide is more interested in the gruesome murder slash suicide then in a multimillion dollar house in one of the nicest neighborhoods in los angeles sat empty collecting memories that we may never know the stories behind. Leave it to people like me and hopefully you to be like no no. No this is a story about a creepy house. And the two generations of a family who sat on riches and let them crumble and collect dust at the end of the day for people like us a man murdering his wife and killing himself is unfortunately.

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