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Say if things look back from the outside. They're usually much much support behind. The scene was say for Urban Meyer. Basically who I I'm thinking is on the Redskins Payroll. I'm thinking he's not doing all this stuff for the redskins for free you know. So for Urban Meyer so to rip them and to basically exposed them not that they needed exposing but when you have an insider with with a level of credibility that urban Meyer had validating it. I think it really hits home and I even though it's tell us something we don't know it's when you have somebody with his credentials. Say it. I think it's another thing. Yeah I mean given the fact that there seems to be some sort of relationship between him and the team now. Scotland when Zaven Scott had urban Meyer on on their show last week. Scott ask them like you consultant. Are you getting and he said no? He said. But I've got players here and I and I. I've gotten to know Dan. Whatever so a lot of people's follow up on on what? I said yesterday was he's really referring to Bruce Allen and what the culture was which to which. I responded with okay. That's that's fine but that doesn't mean that it's not going to continue to be a hot mess. You know again if you force me to wager Ron. Rivera is going to have great success and turn the redskins around. Or you have to wager on the opposite. That Ron Rivera is gonNA fall by the wayside just like every other great coach came here. Mardi GIBBS SHANAHAN DID. I would wager on that. That it doesn't work out now doesn't mean that. I can't be optimistic for a half second like I was when when Shanahan got here like I was when Gibbs was here you know and and hoping that Snyder changes his ways But you know there's been a theme here people. The theme is the been terrible out. I mean this head years before Bruce. Out For God's sake the the theme is it hasn't worked for anybody under this owner period now. You can't debate that when people say well. Things are different now. I would say well. He's been on the job for four months. They're not playing football. I would hope things are different now. I mean how much screw it up. Can you do in a.

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