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Exactly, right and I should also say that you know the very first sex discrimination case that she handled her husband actually brought to her attention. Gregory was a tax case involving a guy who couldn't deduct the care of his aging mother under the tax code. But if he'd been a woman, he could have and the two of them took that case together he did it from the tax perspective and she did it from the sex-discrimination perspective. You all touched on it in the film but during. The election season in the runup to November twenty sixteen. Ruth Bader Ginsburg made some uncharacteristically harsh comments about candidate then candidate Donald Trump. Says back in July of two thousand sixteen. She told The New York Times quote he is a faker. He has no consistency about him. He says, whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego. How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? The press seems to be very gentle with him on that. Job also said quote I can't imagine what this place would be. I can't imagine what the country would be with Donald Trump as president she later had to apologize for those comments it was. Thought by many that she stepped out of bounds and as a supreme, court justice should not have said, those kind of things about someone that could be president. Nina. How much how out of line was it? I remember when it happened and I said this feels weird and if that were to do it, it was out of line and it wasn't and she did it more than once in the space of three days I think she did it three times. Why did you do it? I? Have No. Idea is inappropriate after the the first time she did it, it didn't seem to get much attention it but once it was on the front page of the New York Times, Cub whom and she knew she'd made a mistake she made an apology. But of course that prompted Donald trump than I guess it was candidate trump to call her a loser. WHO's lost it and all kinds of other things but it was it was a mistake and there's no way you can take back a mistake like that except to apologize does it tarnish her legacy? No I don't think. So if she had kept it up, it would have. I. Think. You know for Julian Betsy. How much did she talk about that moment and what did she say was her mental calculus going into it. Well she after she did apologize she basically said I think it would have been best. SAID NOTHING and so she wasn't really going to elaborate. We did ask her about The idea that that somehow disqualifies her from you know sitting on cases involving the current administration and she was very forceful in saying if anybody thinks that who I might have voted for as president is going to affect the way I, do my job in interpreting the laws they do not understand how the UT basically how I work and how the judicial system works. Yeah. Yeah. You know I wanNA talk about. The notorious are BG's place in the culture right now you guys hit on it towards the end of the film but. This woman who has for her entire life been intellectual and quiet and focused is now at eighty five, a bigger star than she's ever been. Why why now and why her it's she's in a very unique moment that seems. Surprising. Yeah we think that it began in two thousand thirteen with Shelby County case. That cases? Where the Supreme Court McCarthy ruled that certain oversight of voting in states which had a history of discrimination against African Americans could be loosened because our country has changed and she wrote a stinging dissent in which she said taking away these protections is like getting rid of your umbrella in a rainstorm just because you're not getting wet..

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