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As MVP CBS post-game Burleson, boomer size, Adam Schefter on Twitter and others starting all of fame conversation for him. But the suspension followed by glorification had some saying Nancy armor USA today that the NFL has war priorities. Jackie. How do you see it? All. Well, I understand where what Nancy's trying to say here. But the rules are the rules is they're laid out and he paid for the four-game suspension. It's different than based. We're numbers are everything numbers mean, very little and football. That's why there's not the same outrage that there is with PD's in baseball. That's always been the case. So you fall by the rules von Miller three years ago Super Bowl MVP who had passed PD's in his his resume Bill Plachy. Yeah. You know, Jackie's, right? He's just following the rules. Anymore? He could have done. I think this is part of the equation. The bigger picture is in order to cheer the violence of football. It's like almost give them a past saying day take PD's because he couldn't survive without them. And I think that that's that's a bigger issue. I think people really don't look at this. Seriously. I could do. Yeah. I have to make it unanimous. And not only that you know, Ataman when he was asked about it early in the season each he's completely accountable for exactly what happens the owned up to the cheating as well. And we do we think about football differently, and we do track and field or other sports were we think about this purity that goes into it. To me. It was between men and Dante Hightower, but element serve the suspension. What have you not want? Once he's eligible to play. He's eligible to be the NB paid. What is the big deal here? I don't go all fame discussion. Jackie I was looking at the stats stats career or not look talents. He's clutch postseason performer but his regular season numbers are nowhere near hall of fame. Grading. Sign off on that one more thing about this patriots team, by the way, they were the only the second team to come back from losing a Super Bowl the win the Super Bowl the next season. And that first in forty six years the dolphins did a century ago. Now that is what the Rams try to do Bill back to you in Los Angeles. Although you're still in Atlanta, how close is this roster. What is it missing? And who's bounceback needs to be the focus cough girly or McVay with? There's a real fear that this was a one shot deal because he has several defensive players on one year contracts. We have to eventually pay off and you have to pay up on Donald big contracts the big concern here. I think to me is Jerry off needs to get more experienced needs to be tougher to grow up and Todd Gurley. What do they have in Todd drilling moving forward? I mean, if he can't play into Super Bowl, and he said, he's not hurt. How banged up is. Yeah. I mean, I think girl is the big the big question, Mark. He's got back to being healthy. And I think they'll they'll be able to do that. I think they've got a lot of things going for him. And that defense depending on who they keep and who they let go is fantastic, particularly upfront. I think I think they can get back to where they came from Joel. Yeah. I think Bill is upset about that loss. I think he's being way too hard jar ops. Young quarterback Aaron tall is outstanding. And you know, what they they can get back eight. Here's the thing. Bill. You convenient forget they went on the road down thirty nothing and beat the role and saints Jared. I was there. I know it was a long time ago. I remember it was pretty good. Jackie matt. I don't know you're mentioning era Donald being standing I don't remember his name being called once yesterday..

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