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Of the world. Shapers my name is every time your host and this is the podcast right. Talk to other science fiction and fantasy authors about their creative process. I myself an author of science fiction and fantasy author of many many novels and short stories and things like that my most recent books include the world shapers series from books The third one. The moonlit world came out about a year ago and my next book for dog will be a humorous space opera called the tangled stars. That'll be out about a year from now and inbetween. I've been publishing some other stuff. Including most recent the uae. A science fiction novel called star song through my own shadow press but one of my major projects. Right now and it's coming up on. November second will be released is a shapers of world volume two. That's an anthology featuring science fiction and fantasy short stories by authors. Who were guests on this podcast during its second year. I kickstarted that successfully earlier this year. It was a follow up to last year's shapers of worlds which featured eighteen stories from first year guests of the podcast which i also started successfully and It's all come together very nice. St twenty four stories there are New stories from kelley armstrong. Marie brennan. Helen deo candice. Jane dorsey lisa foil susan forest. James alan gardner. Matthew hughes healthy kennedy..

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