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26 now before the hour on America in the morning yesterday damaging tornadoes ripped through central Oklahoma, leaving at least one person dead. Hopefully the severe weather will be tamped down today and let's get the update from AccuWeather dot com meteorologist Matt Benz. After a busy weather day yesterday and last night, unfortunately we are watching for more severe thunderstorms for today. These storms expected to erupt at times here through today, especially through this afternoon across southern Wisconsin through eastern Iowa into Illinois, Missouri and southward through Arkansas and Texas here for today. These stutter storms expected to pack a punch bringing the threat not only for heavy rainfall, but damaging winds hail, and even isolated tornadoes can not be ruled out these storms expected to continue into this evening, so a large portion of the country once again needs to be weather aware and keep an eye on the sky here for today. Some places across north central U.S. just can't seem to catch a break from winter and today will be no exception as our latest storm continues to roll to the east across the central U.S., snow will begin to fall in some of that could be heavy at times today through tonight and tomorrow, especially across northern Minnesota through northern North Dakota and into Montana, places like northern Minnesota could see up to a foot of snow by tomorrow, out ahead of this cold front, though it's more like summer that summer warmth that we talked about earlier on. It's across much of the eastern U.S. today east of the Mississippi River. In fact, places like the southeast through the mid Atlantic and even into the northeast today, making it into the 80s, perhaps a couple of showers to start the day across portions of western New York. Otherwise, dry today across California, the desert Southwest there will be some snow and rain showers across northern rockies and into the Pacific Northwest. And across Florida today, the southern portion of Florida Peninsula seems some showers here in places for this afternoon. As the nation's weather, iMac, you other dot com leaders. 23 till now I'm John trout, this is American in the morning. The elderly man accused of shooting a teenager who went to the wrong Kansas City house by mistake

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