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He tried to bring in a bunch of dudes, right? Albert Hanes worth Chad Johnson. All these guys who was trying to make it work, and we always gave him the benefit of the doubt because like, oh, it's Bill Belichick, of course it's going to work and then ever work, but Brady masqueraded a lot of their deficiencies once the Bruce keys and those guys got old and rebels and whatnot. It's been a in, right? So early on it was Bella chick covering for him than Brady, and now they've kinda hit the peak at, we're sort of they're both at the peak of their powers. I don't know how much longer Brady's at the peak of his powers, but Belichick being the architect with that combination is the big reason in the answer. The reason to talk about that today, is that what's going to happen with the eagles? The falcons are coming into their building. The falcons were a good team a lot. This is the type of game we see in the NBA where it seemed comes in the essentially getting their rings Ray night. That's a tough game to play. Oh, yeah, I've seen it. It's an emotional high into quickly await. This other team wants to kill it. Could be a disaster. We'd ready to go through this again, and that's. That's when you have to have the talent, right? That's just going to go out there an execute because mentally, there's it's very difficult to match one hungry wounded. Animal that's coming after you. One hundred percent agree. I've seen it way too many times. Ben lines is gonna stop by next. We'll talk about the life and career of Burt Reynolds. May he rest in peace Ben obviously is moving aficionado worked. I mean he was the doogie howser of movie, reviewing actual, yeah. Ben Lyon was that is like a legit thing was that. Got into it. No question. He'd beat my, but there's no doubt he, he, oh, he gets all the mad respect. So lines will come on. We'll talk some college football with him because I wanna make fun of Michigan and I'll talk to them MBA with him because I wanna make fun of the Knicks and I feel like I don't get enough of that living in Los Angeles. Make fun lines. Yeah. So we'll make fun line to that. That's next..

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