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Show. We thought Should we get some more? Because we're on radio in 100 fit wherever you may be driving down the road in Alabama are watching us on the couch in Miami, but apparently you can also listen to it on your phone anyway. Should we get the source code for atleast Give me one of those bottles of Jamison Conference, one of the best parts about doing the show. Is the fact that we get e mails from our TV ofyours and oftentimes listeners from across the world to interview a celebrity or an author or even a CEO of a public company says this is the intersection of business politics and booze Way interview everyone, But since I think I remember the year where Wall Street Journal called this business with the barroom slammed like that one like to keep that in order here, But Mark Adams is one CEO that were asked to get in the studio hey, is with a company called Convicting him there. He traded on the stock symbol J. KSM, convicting him dot com and Rusty. Yes, sir. I got big where I got big, big news for you there in the campus business. Crazy job. You know, you may not know this way. Produce a show out of the studio called Live High. Live high. Live high live dot com. Go there now. Mark. Welcome. Thank you very much straight on and it's great having your financial guy. Yeah. Yeah. So let me think tells me what's interesting is when I talk to CEOs that air out of their lane or seemingly out of their lane. Is a good tell for investors sometimes, because if an I T guy after 25 years, a financial services guy who's also a hedge fund guy, the size I'm gonna take a left turn and go over here. There must be a reason capsule because it's not like rust fell out of the van and said, I think I'm gonna go this way. So how can you tell me the arc of the story of your career? So my early career was in services? I work for a company called AMC School, and we were the number one In short divider. Ironically, right during the dot com boom, the whole story took off. I remember I was an investor who wasn't a film story in the New York Stock Exchange will tell you one year's It was, you know, I bought M C an EMU at the same time and breaking sat there lived up on the margins of beautiful studio. So where did that and then after I worked in corporate development did a few deals. I realized I want to get more on the investment side didn't pay the corporate development guys much they paid. The bankers. So I went into the money management business hedge fund business and learned a lot about that. And got my finance background. Married that with I D. And then I saw this opportunity came up. I said, This is married. Kind of what I saw in Prohibition in the twenties. Sure been along here. You mentioned that That's true. You've mentioned that this is a lot like prohibition that and essentially you bring that up because Because it's that it's that supply demand thing that happens when Prohibition we want what we can't have. And you see that. You know this is a little different because er well, not much of a big black market still out there in California. Kind of manage that there's no banking yet for a lot of folks out there tough to get service has got to go through that. You knew that was going to be a hurdle because part of the problem is, is that if you look at anything that isn't federally illegal cannot be f B I C Bank insured that even use that bank to do you mean looking? If you want the letter of the law in the deli that brings a sandwich with cannabis shop shouldn't be able to bank right. Good news for us is we don't touch the plant. So we make the equipment around that so our customers might touch the plant, but we don't So we are able to have accounts because we're not playing touching company. So we have three banks right now that we used so we'll do it. There was a story early on that this this company that A lot of their oil compression machines. Whatever they do, tow lavender, the farmers and always suddenly notices giant perk it all these all these people.

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