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Here's Steve Potisk, the inability to find workers has been one of the top laments lately for many businesses, and it is certainly the case for restaurants. Dunkin donuts. The CEO recently said labor is the number one concern for franchisees. So number one writing for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Leslie, patent says retailers raising wages and with fewer teens of the workforce restaurants are finding a shortage of their traditional teen worker base. So many are changing how they hire. And keep staff Taco Bell is throwing hiring parties. Only a Taco Bell. Hiring at parties at the restaurant in the middle of the afternoon. So he can get some free food some free Taco Bell swag. And maybe a job instead of business cards managers at church's chicken outlets have started handing out recruiting cards and to keep teen workers connected to their brand sticky fingers rib house a barbecue chain in South Carolina is asking employees for their opinions on the food and their uniforms. I'm Steve Potisk, Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's newsradio. Twelve forty one on WBZ freezing rain falling right now in Boston. Twenty four degrees. His our temperature. President Trump is lashing out is house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi for rejecting his proposal to exchange temporary projections for some immigrants in exchange for his border wall. The president accusing Pelosi and other Democrats of putting politics ahead of security claiming Pelosi is behaved so we rationally and gone so far left. She's now become a radical democrat the president's reaction coming into series of Sunday morning tweets. Republican Senator James Langford of Oklahoma telling ABC's this week, the president put a reasonable compromise on the table. The best thing that we can do is solve the few elements where we do have common. Ground on. Get those resolved get the government back open. So people are actually getting checks again. This is absurd to keep this dragging on this long, the New York democratic Senator Kirsten gillibrand agrees the president's offer. Nonstarter not protect all dreamers to not recognize the suffering that families who are here are facing to shut down the government to get his own way. When eight hundred thousand people have not gotten their paychecks this week who might not be able to pay their rent or their mortgage or food or sheets. It's outrageous, the shutdown has left hundreds of thousands of workers without paychecks. It's now in week five twelve forty two on WBZ time for us to check sports countdown to kick off in Kansas City. Let's get the very latest now from WBZ's Johnny Sherman. All right. Thank you, Mike. Yes. We are just under six hours away from kickoff for the AFC championship game between the patriots and the chiefs AccuWeather forecast. Calling for temperatures in the twenties. What promises to be a very loud Arrowhead stadium? Weather won't be an issue in the NFC title game as the saints host the Rams inside the climate control dome in New Orleans game time for that one. It's three zero five Bruins goaltender harass was hoping to send a franchise. Record for most wins last night. Instead he was forced to leave the game after suffering concussion in a violent collision late in the first period of the Bruins three to two loss. The Beezer now offer nine days for the NHL all-star break Celtics guard, Marcus smart, awaiting a call from the NBA office after he was a jacket from last night's game with the hawks smart got into a confrontation with Lantis de'andre Bambi and had to be restrained by teammates, he then broke away and went after Bambi again and again had to be restrained. The Celtics won the game their third straight victory. College basketball this afternoon Boston College playing number eleven Florida state at the it's right now, it's forty BC twenty seven in the first half at the Desert Classic. Phil Mickelson holding onto a two stroke lead over Canadian atom heart had win heading into the final round. And at the MGM grand in Las Vegas last night. Forty year old Manny Pacquiao won a unanimous decision over Adrian Brown for the secondary world welterweight. Title pack. Yeah. Now hopes to get a fight with Floyd Mayweather, try that again Floyd Mayweather. I'm Charlie chairman WBZ Boston's NewsRadio.

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