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Way he has racked up strikeouts this season and i guess it perhaps more a sign of just how dominant he's bent strikeouts per nine innings it's at seventeen that's pretty amazing stuff i mean you're talking about are all just sort of territory so i know the saves aren't there win loss record i mean that's not really important with hater you're just looking at one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball with any our aid at one point two of the two aguilar and josh hitter hater i think it's in line to be an all star this year first base is pretty tough in the national league especially when you look at what freddie freeman is doing he's got the votes angular is not even on the ballot for goodness sake but you're looking at two guys that have really helped this milwaukee brewers team get to the point they are today you can't do it alone in certainly hitter are not alone but if i'm looking at an mvp discussion on this team you look at as you look at josh hater what they've done it's pretty remarkable in other players have been solid christian yelich lorenzo cain jeremy jeffers if you want to go back to pitching corey can able is outstanding this after his all star season a year ago but the offense has been kind of hit and miss their only averaging a little over four runs per game four point three five to be exact at slightly below league average so you look and maybe for a little more consistency as you move into the second half of the season but fifty wins is no joke fifty wins on the third of july pretty impressive the last five years here's how it's mapped out for the brewers in terms of getting to fifty wins when did they do it how early do they do it two thousand seventeen last year the brewers were fifty and forty one july ninth two thousand sixteen the fiftieth win didn't come 'til early august the packers were playing preseason games at that point two thousand fifteen same deal august fifteenth the brewers hit fifty wins and two thousand fourteen that season didn't end so hot the brewers reached the fifty win mark on june twentyseventh and yes there was a second half collapse two thousand eighteen july third fifty and thirty five ahead of pace from a season ago on a team that played right down to the wire with the hopes of being a playoff team pretty good stuff overall brewers team is really weathered the storm of injuries in this first half of the season four one four seven nine nine one six twenty is the economic mortgage talk and text line if you'd like to join us on the program brewers are fifty and thirty five chance for a sweep of the.

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