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Products doesn't that sound good healthier without thinking about it they do the thinking for you and send it to you so on their website they ask you a series of questions to figure out what kind of supplements vitamins or probiotics would be best for you and then they provide you with one on one support from health professionals suzy khaderah because she created or company help cut through a lot of the junk science that consumers are faced with day to day when it comes to health and suzy i have to say i love that because i spent so much of my time cutting through the junk science when it comes to the economy and business and technology there's so much misinformation out there and i love that you are attacking that with a business that makes sense you know my favorite word is charlatans because i despise charlatans and there are so many of them and susie well she wanted to help with women's health and cut out the charlatans so she came up with this idea while she was working as a nurse she noticed a hole in the market where her patients were constantly asking advice about which supplements or vitamins they should be taking here she is to tell you the story high remind my name is suzy welch founder ceo digitally nader women's call company and we got women access to rental kirker minors and over the counter products on digital platform launched into after working for many years as the health nurse and noticing that women didn't have a place to turn to for holding ice professional or get their products so we support you from your period years all.

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