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Coley Lynn Sir Bradley trainer did the morning show this morning's filling in for Jay said Kelly Hansen is here for two in cities live here for the remainder of the segment but then you have to stick it out because you've got duties on Twin Cities live but Holly Roberts is filling in with Laurene Julia today it's just it's a crazy week it's fine we're going to get through a holidays were happy happy happy to have you here Kelly I said that Kim Kardashian is had a change of heart now you may wonder what that means especially because the last we heard she had doubled down after she had been scrutinized for the name of her new quote solution where line kimono did you follow this at all Kelly a little bit at first I didn't I didn't understand I didn't get kimono because I say come on all right and then it all kind of made sense but I understand what people are upset with her and they should be you think so like I mean people are very sensitive to a lot of things these days right and that it wasn't just the use of the Komodo for the name of the solution where that come on on hold solution where hello I mean don't even get me started so that is what I mean she had a long discussion it assumes that we all have a problem yeah ad but but what is interesting is it was mostly in response to the fact that she had tried to trademark the use of the word kimono all I didn't know that these even come motos no way yes so it was partly sort of the appropriation of the word kimono to describe which in you know E. in in the Japanese culture is an actual what like a dress I had what I say address I don't mean it it's actual dress I mean it's a a government thank you that's sort of looking for a government that is associated with Japan that is associated with honor that she appropriated that word to for her underwear line essentially a solution or is really nothing more than an under an undergarment it's actually it was partly that but it was partly because she had decided to use that to inter trademark not allow that word to be associated with a brand of kimono now she first double down on that basically is like yeah no I'm not gonna do anything but now Holly just today you said to me Hey guess what she's changing the name of the line yeah Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram that she is going to change the line of her solution where no we don't know what that name is going to be but she said that I'm paraphrasing part of her statement on Instagram that my brands my products are built with inclusivity in diversity at their core and after careful thought and consideration I will be launching my solution where brand under a new name I will be in touch soon thank you for understanding and support always as she is walking back a statement because she was pretty adamant in her stance about naming a kimono in The New York Times just last week yeah I mean because I think basically what you're trying to say was in in her initial statement because you use the same words about inclusivity in her brand and I I don't I actually I I like to make fun of him for a lot of things but that's not going to be one of them because in this solution where line she had all sizes from zero up to twenty two I think or twenty four or something like that which tells you that she had a size inclusivity in mind but also in the tone of this of the of the sheep where solution where sorry solution where it was every sick it was at many different skin tones for right it's not just the typical like white nude being only some peoples nude and then like tail you know she had every like ever like many different gradations of skin tone represented so she it was clear that that inclusivity piece wise in line but what's interesting to me is somebody must have tipped her off and I don't know who she's doing the right thing I do too but at some point I think somebody must have tipped her off and said listen like you can't say you have inclusivity in mind when you are now appropriating an entire culture then that's not inclusivity anymore right I mean in the picture that she posted saying you know being an entrepreneur and one of the most rewarding challenges and how I'm going to change the name hi just choices are so questionable on how she's marketing herself and then this new line I mean the picture is like a box some you know I'm sitting there and it's just I don't I just don't buy it I don't I don't buy that she feels bad oh my gosh I'd just had I thought oh well.

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