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Twelve twenty five. welcome back George story with you along with bill being we'll take your calls this hours well bill the Mandela a fact is something you've looked at would you explain what that is for a lot of people. one Saturday really and and if we were talking to the quote unquote normal average every day person they would dismiss me as a map and it you know when I first learned of this I thought it was insane I thought I don't have time for this busy you know I I helped cheesy demand was right you're busy there are you know I know the lady in Scotland and then a couple weeks later she sent me this information with the video saying that are you aware of this and I thought it said this man dell of factor on I thought that started to delete it and I'll tell you George I really feel that gotta stop me from the leading that and I felt like he was guiding you watch it not watched it and the video talk about scripture changes in the King James Bible and also other worldly changes that are taking place and I dismiss it as nonsense and first thing I thought okay I'm going to disprove this whole thing right now because the first thing that I saw all of that hi Dale Levin six had been changed and as you know why they eleven six is one of the most well known scriptures in the entire Bible and this is the passage where it talks about and the line chalet down with the lamb I mean they're statues there's paintings I have a little figurine on my desk of the lion laying down with the lamb so I go and grab my bibles I have for King James bibles and one is a hundred and fifty nine years old that sits in the top of my office because it and and I grab them and I. turn the mall to buy they eleven six. in short I spent years in biblical studies and so I know the scriptures very well and I sat down. and when I open to Isaiah eleven six it's all what I saw I really I thought I was going to fall out of my chair I I truly did it said we're used to say in the line chalet now of the lamb now it says the war. yeah sorry how can this be it's false memory or something yeah can fabulae should right that's a good call something will answer and of course the call of Mandela fact because Nelson Mandela who ended up running the South Africa that everybody thought he died in prison back in the two thousand thirteen he didn't yeah. but you're right it it started there and then there are other things like you know Billy Graham supposedly dying twice and other people like that and then the latest. scripture changes and then it started with the King James Bible amounts going under bottles because I've fallen bibles and and other versions of the Bible is going into them as well the latest changes I recently found. is that comes out of judges. sixteen birth nineteen. and this is the story of Samson and Delilah that you know that story short yeah absolutely what did the water due to Samson she cut his hair not any more no old judges sixteen nineteen I'm going to read this to you at she made him sleep upon her knees and she calls for every man and she called him to shave off the seven locks of his head now according to this Delilah did not cut the hair of Sam said she called a man to come in and shave all seven locks of his head now we know knowing the story since we were kids she did correct but yet there it is it's Jan this is unfathomable how can this be now want everybody to think about this for a second I'm not talking about bibles that are coming all the printing press fresh and new I'm talking about our bibles in our own possession in our homes as I stated I have one that's a hundred and fifty nine years old it's changed in there to set these changes are super natural how they're doing it I don't know if the quantum physics is it coming from the way of quantum computers I don't know I don't have the answers for but what I do now is that this is very real I could sit here all night long with you George and this scripture after scripture and all the things that let me ask you this. how many times in your life. have you heard someone mention or maybe you yourself they have said wow I'm it's so busy it's like Grand Central station around here all the time all the time I've never been to Grand Central station but that's what I used to say and we know it's in New York yup. okay so here's what I want everybody to do right now for anyone who will tell what I'm about to say I want you to go to your phone or your computer and I want you to punch up Grand Central station because now Grand Central station is no longer Grand Central station it's called Grand Central Terminal and they say it's always been Grand Central Terminal. how can this be. I don't know. to the masses yeah. the only way that I can have some semblance of reasoning Alice. I know that the devil's in the details and I know that he's the author of division and confusion. perhaps. the devil is working through human minions here through these. great technology that we now have on the earth and and this is part of again Sir earned the way computers a I a all the things stuck together my opinion this is a gigantic mind off because it will cause division and confusion and again it contributes to the order out of chaos so here I am saying these things and there are people that may say Europe are you're not you're crazy now that's not true it's not and then they'll go on research this we'll see it for themselves but first they're going to think of a mad man and now there's division because they think this bill being characters going around saying all these things that in their mind is not true in till they see it for themselves do you remember the actor Jack Palance yes everybody thought he was dead years before he finally died. everybody they would say no homo he passed away a long time willow he he was very much alive and then he died in the two thousand six the people have been dead for fifteen years before that I totally agree and I was one of those people George I thought that he was gone as well you know we have other changes in the wizard of oz for instance and and again please for everybody out there listening don't take my word for this girl researcher for yourself and you'll see it. crow is now carrying a pistol. is still a silver pistol much at all and you'll see it for yourself there was no way I saw a pistol in the original wizard of oz but he's carried on now. and it. stick exactly well he's carrying a silver pistol now. not yours do you remember the movie back in the eighties called field of dreams Kevin Costner field of dreams yes I sure do if you build it they will come and I was just gonna say you what is the big online out of that and that's that it that you're sure that right if you build it they will come out and this is your final answer would be game show us because of the you know one of these game show that's right not the final answer final answer okay well if you and for everybody out there listening punch it up for yourselves the movie field of dreams and that was the big line out of that movie and George is exactly right and I remember it that way he remembers it that way because it was that way now it says if you build it she will come. no they never said that are you going this comedy comedy and I were having dinner in San Diego with. he was the voice of James Earl Jones Yahoo said that if you build it they will come exactly and they were referring to the black Sox team that that I had all the scandal everything in Kevin that's what the whole movie is about. in all these they were also referring to the crowds yeah if you build the stadium from earth they will come yeah and now it says if you build it he will come unbelievable let's take some calls bill that's that's amazing. Barton boggling don in Kent Ohio Hey don welcome to the program god bless you god brother Georgian bill great program you know I grow Pullman Catholic and I have a couple quick comments in one question as far as the Stargate goes if you gonna genesis twenty eight Jacob's ladder we're Jacob lay down and he saw a lander extend from heaven and he saw angels going back and forth stargates have been with us for millennia and in mark sixteen went and Jesus resurrection the first person who appeared to was merry mangle and says in who he Castile seven devils yeah and that's explained it also in them Matthew twelve. walk in dry places and if you don't you know stranger life they're going to be really happen now. right my brother what we come from a very strong Catholic family in. family meeting in his sister one of his sisters started talking with a man's voice and she's a real raspy scared the daylights out of everybody should sell on the floor started swarming around in a serpentine fashion they went to the precincts of low we got a hammer exercise an exorcism the prisons a we don't do that so she has to go through a family physician to make sure there's nothing organic I never heard of such a thing and then she wanted a family physician and he she started doing the same thing the family's position just jump back said this is out of my field of expertise took her to a psychiatrist attendance specializes in that then the second interest told the priest what was going on this shocked me is remind me of telling musically the priest told her to stop Korean a term memory I mean what do you think of that. well I think what's happening now and it has and done thank you so much you god bless you brother appreciate your call and in your great input I think what's happening now. is that so many in the clergy or your pastors or whatever it may be I I've had many clients call me and say you know I went to my pastor went to my pre snake charming away they said but you want me to do I'm not trained in that says something there's some kind of disconnect here that's for taking place over the years to where I don't understand is how is it that and what not to criticize anybody put that if god calls you to be you know a servant for him in this way and helping people shouldn't you be ready for battle and shouldn't you be you know ready to engage and look at it's easy for me to say that and then the only way that I can do what I do again as by the power of god not praise god for that in Jesus name but if you have any kind of fear. going into this engaging the market forces it's over it is over for the person who's trying to deliver the person or people over for those people as well because one fear is used into this the devil has the upper hand then I will go downhill from there using let's go to Lisa in Portland Oregon welcome to the show hi Lisa. or an email. so well first thing I want to say is that there's YouTube channel center devoted specifically to the Mandela affect yeah..

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