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You. During the movie, but she and placate see, for you just say Alexa, enable the KABC AM skill okay? Here's seven ninety KABC. It. Their lively green out. Today in this story. I thought it'd be appropriate for Memorial Day caught my attention. I wanted to give them a chance of what's going on. We all want to give back to our to those that have served us. And here's a story that will boy will stand out for years. They did for me have joining us, Robyn Thomas and Steve Thomas and Robin briefly. Tell us the story. Hi, thanks for having us on. Yes. My, my husband and I living now in Los Angeles has been is a former and I guess it's never a Marine Corps officer had battled of multiple myeloma much by in the last fifteen years. We left Los Angeles for a trip of a lifetime. Brought twenty fifth wedding anniversary in France had a lovely couple of days and moved on to Italy for Italy. And he denied of our anniversary became ill with a. Nausea and stomach virus. We had a doctor on the sending end at the hotel, and he did not. Much better onto the kid landing point for them. On may nine g. Florence and here he stayed for. Hey days, working out those issues. And unfortunately became had some difficulties breathing and developing, though, yet and the H one in one point, two says the last nine days, he's been in the care at a hostel important simply. On intimation today. Shen only thing working for the last three days. Nonstop, Steve, his twin brother flew over my son to other as well say. Company walking try and get him transported home, the for in. What is it is very dangerous for travel, you wear that. Yes, you said we've been as a working with doctor here trying to get a air transport and medical air transport. It's a, it's a for people are listening to air is essentially. Amongst other thing. It's a complication sepsis and ammonia where the lung sacs, which is where oxygen exchange exchange becomes essentially filled with inflammatory fluid. And so you can't and even moving patients around in bed can create changes in their ability to oxygenated. So it's a rather desperate thing is he doing okay in terms of his ability to oxygenated presently. You know, all Goshen they oxidation. Thank you. It's hard to pronounce. It's been on the mechanical. No, that's his that's his that's, that's his actual mechanical breathing. But the ability to deliver oxygen is the percentage of oxygen and deliver through that. And if you're at the highest level eighty to one hundred percent you're a at risk of damaging the lung from all the oxygen and be you can't there's nowhere else to go really except the something called PI, which is sort of, again the technical thing. Understanding, and clearly we would we have language barriers with the physicians mini obsessions here, main vision, speak, Serey, clearing wish is that his he he's receiving the auction that if necessary, not had any other top among is in any of his other organ. Good. Okay. That's a good sign. Visteon is that he is eligible and, and he for him to be transferred. I have to take a break. I gotta take a break, but tell us just tell us about the gofundme. I have thirty seconds. Yeah, my friends, family will worldwide we have to go find me going bring STAN Thomas home, and we've had up to over forty thousand dollars off of its flight that we're looking getting them on is north of one hundred K, so we're working without and working diligently trying to get an appeal with our insurance to cover that flight. Stay with the stick with the go fund me. I think that's probably more fruitful. More fruitful way on your halfway there pretty much so good for you. So go fund me dot com slash help. Bring stand Thomas. Home hyphenated with each we're talking to Rama Thomas about her husband, who's, of course, a marine officer who developed H one, one while in Italy. And then terrible complication. We've got to bring him home. I had h one n one. That's what led to my diagnosis of prostate cancer. I'll tell you my story. The second eight hundred two two two five to two phone number. Leeann tweeden out, babushka, and help me out, Dr drew midday live AM, seven hundred KABC..

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