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You something that's a reality that when you have mitigation that's containing something and unless it's down in the right direction and you pull back prematurely you're gonna get a rebound of cases a model developed by Johns Hopkins for the CDC predicts as many as three thousand coronavirus deaths per day by June corresponding Karen gave us as indications are that corona virus may have been in Europe earlier than first thought doctors in a Paris hospital say they found evidence a patient admitted in December was infected with code nineteen is verified the case will put the virus in France and Europe far earlier than previously thought the global coronavirus death toll passed a quarter of a million Monday for the Johns Hopkins University and the U. S. death toll nearly sixty nine thousand I'm Bob sack the Australian prime minister said the most likely source of covert nineteen was a wildlife market in China that assessment differs from president trump's who said that he was confident the corona virus may have originated in a Chinese Kerala G. lab Senate Republicans and house Democrats are at odds over the size scope and policy regarding the next corona virus relief package house speaker Nancy Pelosi explains the money would be used for two things one is to to offset the money that has already spent to address the coronavirus outlays of money and the other for revenues lost related to the corona virus so in the Republicans say all we don't want this and that their budget has nothing to do with anything other than the coronavirus pelo see also blasted the White House has moved to restrict officials leading the nation's coronavirus response from testifying before Congress plus he suggested the trump administration quote might be afraid of the truth Zach please listen this is important anyone can be affected by the prescription opioid crisis if you think it would hurt by produ or its prescription opioids like oxycontin you may be entitled to compensation as part of produce bankruptcy but you have to file a claim claims may include overdose death substance use disorder lost wages in neonatal abstinence syndrome the vision claim can be filed by individuals the legal guardian by survivors or relatives of people who have died or are disabled the deadline to file the claims June thirtieth twenty twenty.

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