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It is clear that this is how they want to. This is how the Republicans want to frame the twenty twenty election if they can't write like they they don't they know it's not popular to do to go as far as trump went but they liked the idea of elevating these four congresswoman and making this election about are you a real American or you know. I don't even know if it's that the Lindsey Graham explicitly said he said quote. I don't think Somali refugee embracing trump would be asked to go back and quote so they're not asking if you're an American or not they're asking if you're Republican or not and if you're a Republican then you're on their team and you're okay and then anyone else can't say what they think or believe and like what would they're trying. They're trying to say is yes. You have to be Republican to be used to be Republican to be a real Mary exactly and this is where I get a little frustrated with the press because this craven even strategy to pivot away from pretend you didn't say something racist has been laid bare in the Washington Post in his obvious from all the tweets all the comments from his supporters and the reporting will fall into this frame and become bloodless again in immoral and be like well. How's it playing in you know Wisconsin or whatever state and it drives me crazy right? We'll because in the Washington Post story. We're basically being told that we are being lied to all the time by these people like this whole this whole veneer that all the Republicans have have put up about about how like oh it's not really racist and it's about all the bad comments congresswoman made mobile. We know that's a lie because we see these stories and we see trump's tweets like they are bullshitting us. We know he didn't they didn't introduce the idea of the real reason that they're so so upset is because of several old comments by Ilan Omar <hes> from months ago that is actually what has been driving this entire things just ally it's just it's the largest Elias what it's ret conning to explain what he did before <hes> and there's too many people willing to go on with it because either they they want to because it's better for them or because they have their own equities and see a lot of value in attacking Ilan Omar themselves yeah and you and you know that they're not feeling great about their argument when they send out there too big as boot-lickers to the Sunday shows you had Stephen Miller and Mercedes slap who would just say or do anything donald trump told them Rudy Giuliani is still in his cage somewhere. We haven't seen him in Ukraine trying to take yeah..

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