Lancaster, Henry Fonda, Burt Lancaster discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Episode 338: The Swimmer (1968)


That was a problem because you have this guy who's the biggest star in the world starring in this on i satiric come film you know and away so much the same way to lancaster mean lancaster at this time uh his store was falling a little bit eating quite have the star power the had back in the back in the fifties or maybe a little earlier um early 60s but it's still people had a certain expectation of him and i i think it's much the same way as uh when we talked about once upon a time in the west wind henry fonda gets to play the bad guy people went to once upon a time the was go hey henry funding he was pleased to did guy oh no so it was jarring for people who expected that started continue to do the same thing they always did and yet all those films are better later like they're just movies that really kind of growing your mind yeah i was so surprised when i was watching the extras for this and burt lancaster daughter was talking about how sweet smell of success was not a success when it came out and that i wasn't until years later that people started to warm to that film and it just like while because now romeo us our generation we hold this thing up as if it was now manna from heaven and to think that any but he didn't like it when it came out it's just so shocking to me through dive into the swimmer if uh if you've made it all the way through this foreign you haven't seen a yet i don't i don't know why you're still listening but the movies ruined sorry ferry we had the best thing on the extras for media that i hadn't got him to to last night was a listening to john cheever read the story.

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