Cowboys, Nick Novak, Jake Geli discussed on Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson


Nine yards brice butler one for five rod smith out of the backfield one for three the name you don't here and unfortunately it's becoming all too a custom that does bryant she's not getting the football enough and in this case not at all and so when you look for the cowboys going forward in the second half they really got to get the ball del fuel more in terms of dak prescott they've run it at times but they're just not throwing it with any sort of consistency or at least i any ceni type of depth giving the ball up and down the field in terms of how they scored well nick novak did miss a 35yard field goal in the first quarter on the cake it looked like he injured something it turned out that it was as back and so he was hurt while the leaving and a wasted a forty five yard pass play to travis benjamin you move ahead into the second quarter and here's where things got a little nutty you remember the other day on sunday were the cowboys had the game where other kicker was out and the eagles kicker was out sunday night jake geli and all of a sudden the eagles are going for everything on ford then while we found out pretty quickly here in the second quarter that the chargers might be in line for something similar because they had a fourth than 13 at the cowboys sixteen yard line and not well big go back was nowhere to be found at that point said they were they were forced to gulf war and ironically enough they actually completed the past but only for twelve yards and they turn the ball over on down so it could have been a little bit worse instead novak cakes from twenty two yards out late in the second quarter which capped about this dr fourteen plays sixty six yards which took 659 basically seven minutes off the clock but again all at leads tube is a novak feel goal as it does appear that he is back and ready.

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