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An explosive story. In the new york times that talked about a an attorney within the department of justice geoffrey clarke who had been the head of the justice department's environmental division and it it woven clark working with president trump tried to overturn the will of the people specifically in georgia georgia. There were tens of thousands of illegal votes cast and counted. You know that this was happening in the closing days of the trump administration diesel have confidence in bill. Barr asked me that in a number of weeks from now. Bill barr had left as attorney. General and jeffrey rosen stepped. In as the acting attorney general we have targeted. On active duty involving opioids at every level of the supply chains. Jeffrey rosen was never thought to necessarily be a trump loyalist but but a steadfast attorney at the justice department. Who had brought jeffrey clark along. And mentored him both the private sector and within the justice department. Good morning i'm jeff clark the head of the civil division and i. I wanted to start out by thanking the deputy attorney general for his leadership and according to the new york times account. Jeffrey clark wanted to oust his mentor. After rosen refused entreaties to try and get the justice department to step in and stop georgia from certifying the election. Start with that bombshell recording of a phone call revealing president trump pressuring an election official in georgia to turn his defeat to joe biden. We believe what we do. Have an active election. Rosen said repeatedly during internal discussions that the department had found no evidence that anything went wrong in georgia or in any other state where the president had publicly questioned the election results and he thought that was the end of it. But it turns out that. Jeffrey clark went behind his back and went to the white house to discuss the idea with president trump of of trying to insert the justice department. If only the president would fire rosen and install him as the acting attorney general and i'm thinking like in that moment there's a new acting attorney general of the united states that president trump is putting essentially to specifically say. No we are going to overturn. What happened in georgia. I got to imagine that that only raises the stakes for everyone who's been around the capital for everyone who's thinking about protests and even violence like that all would have inflamed tensions even more from the from the right like i got to imagine you're entering pure crisis territory if that ended up happening. This was a step that bill barr. Who was long thought to be one of donald. Trump's most loyal associates never would take i read it about bill barr that he's my personal attorney that he'll do anything for me and i said you know it really is genius because what they do is that and it makes it really impossible for them to ever give you a victory. And so now for a new acting attorney general. The stakes were incredibly. High and jeffrey rosen. Got together with other senior leaders of the justice department and they effectively made a pact. That if rosen. Was fired and jeffrey clark. Installed as the new acting attorney general they were all going to resign en masse and they told the president this and ultimately the president backed off fearing that a mass resignation if the justice department would draw comparisons to the nixon era and ultimately Overshadow any attempt. He he wanted to make to challenge the results in georgia. Since essentially the the small group of people in the doj. The kept us from mushrooming even larger. I should point out. Clark denies this account. He said he did not devise a plan. To oust jeff rosen. He says he did not basis arguments online misinformation. He also not explain what he did. Say the president. He cited privileged here erin. In the meantime you're still seeing conspiracy theories baseless conspiracy. Theories batted around some of them involving. You know the company that created these voter machines for georgia. That company is kind of instructing people on how to deal with baseless claims. You can always sue if they're fabrications. There is a new lawsuit by dominion the big voting machine. Company against rudy giuliani president. Trump's personal attorney and dominion has just headed up to here with with giuliani with sydney powell. In this whole other cast of characters that have been out there spinning these conspiracy theories that somehow dominion tipped the election in favor of joe biden. Because they're a venezuelan front with ties to go chavez. One of the experts that has examined these crooked dominion machines has absolutely. What he believes is conclusive proof that in the last ten percent. Fifteen percent of the vote counted. The votes would deliberately changed dominion filed a one point. Three billion dollar defamation suit you heard that right. They're seeking more than a billion dollars in damages from from rudy. Giuliani in the lawsuit. Said the juliani knows there's no actual evidence and yet he's spinning these theories on radio on television online program that machine from the outside to accomplish that and they've been doing it for years to favor. The democrats crucially though bread not in court where lying has consequences and dominion is is welcoming. The the idea that this could be aired in open court. We're looking at everybody. What role they played in either making statements themselves about dominion or perpetuating this the false statements that were made. They want to make sure they clear their name because they say executives have been harassed and threatened and the company's reputation needlessly questioned rudy. giuliani said. he's excited about this because he says it will finally give him a chance to prove his allegations but this is a fight dominion wants and wants out in the open because the company said they think. It'll prove giuliani aligarh. And really as these companies and people been facing these lawsuits from groups like dominion the being told by lawyers to put up or shut up like show us any evidence that would sustain sheet. Anything you're saying is true here right after that. Several conservative media companies started issuing these corrective statements and newsmax would like to clarify its news coverage. Note that it has not reported as true certain claims made about these companies. Then you've also got people like sydney powell saying she is retracting. Nothing just like giuliani facing billion dollar lawsuit erin katersky. Thanks so much. Thank you brad emma. Last thing at this point in the biden presidency. They're going to be big policy items crossed off the to do list every single day in fact last night the senate confirmed janet yellen as the first woman to lead the treasury department in its history. The ban on transgender servicemembers is gone but in the middle of the white house briefing yesterday press secretary. Jen psaki announced another piece of guidance. The treasury department is taking steps to resume efforts to put. Harriet tubman on the front of the new twenty dollar notes. That's right harriet tubman. Who who aerobically helped people escape. Slavery is supposed to replace andrew jackson on the twenty dollar bill which might make you. Oh yeah wait. I forgot that was supposed to happen. Well there are more of these as you. New air force one and doing that for other presidents from me for years. We don't air force one is supposed to get a big remodel soon. Former president trump for the color scheme to be changed to red white and blue. Is that going to happen. Sake says I can confirm for you. Hear the president has not spent a moment thinking about the color scheme of air force one or anything in the house or any article. Anything also remember the policy. From the obama years were americans would just be able to go to cuba whenever they wanted. President obama touching down air force. One here in havana. An image unimaginable not long ago. We'll biden is now going to be asked. That's back on the table. Same with an old obama order that would make large companies. Disclose how much they're paying then versus women long with breaking salaries down by race. And we know it's one thing to promise it's another thing to deliver. President obama announced the addition of.

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