John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Harvey Weinstein discussed on Chris Plante


Of course points only on a day what a world that is what a city what a group of people where to wave find such man bed women speaking of mark helprin mark helprin sir the i i gotta tell you these is i think the whole democratic party has to answer for mark helprin hillary and bill clinton anthony winner and john edwards and eliot spitzer and entire kennedy family and it to answer the four mark helprin behavior his the harvey weinstein of washington journalism it's been going alone going around making an impression upon women for uh some period of time and when i say making an impression when i mean it and i mean is is making an impression on them if you you know if you catch magritte is going around pressing his engorge self against young women who just want to get ahead in the television news business can you say just want to get ahead in this context i think he can i'm not sure there is more bad news for the hillary clinton camp as well and that is that the justice department has lifted a gag order the justice department of the urging of of right people members of congress and and the confidential witness working for the fbi is a client still anonymous as far as i know is a client of the attorney victoria tons singh who is a friend of mine and who is a ferocious fighter and she's been fighting and fighting this and she has won her battle now and this as i understand it still anonymous individual who was a confidential source for the the fbi working for years and boy the fbi under colmey and holder and lynch an obama just screwed this guy they've just rude m six ways to sunday as they used to say i don't know what that means but it i know it means but i don't know why it means that six ways to sunday they've fleece to me you had.

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