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Our and say if you missed any of our show today, or course the most important part the market segment of people like that. You can talk to me on your cell phone. And all you have to simply say or you're smart speaker is on election you, khun! Say, Alexa enable. Protect your assets or on Google Say, Hey, Google talk to protect asset talked to protect your assets. Let me say that again. Hey, Google talk to protect your assets. And then virtually you can ask me questions. Hey, what do you think about stocks? What do you think about state planning? What do think about taxes right now, and I will answer you Virtually. It's kind of cool anyway, there it is. So What else? OK, we are talking this morning were just tuning in. We're talking about elections, politics and their impact on the stock market, And that's because a lot of folks have been asking questions. About what they should be doing right now, when stock markets are all time highs, and there's a lot of Misinformation out there. There's a lot of it say things happening in the municipal bond market that you need to be paying attention to. Because things are different right now. Things are changing their changing quickly. And so we thought we would do a webinar on Thursday, which we did, and we brought in a couple of experts and we looked at how to elections and politics impact the stock market and what we found is Since 1926. Since 1926. Market returns during presidential election year Zahra's follows the average get this The average return during a presidential election years is 11.3% Think about that on the S and P 11.3% positive. There has been only four times since 1926 where markets were negative. Remember what those were? Well, 1932. The market was down 8.2%. You may remember that because of the coming of the great Depression. You may You may know this with recessions or depressions, usually 2 to 3 years for things to get back to normal. And right now we just had a recession. As you know, it's pretty pretty quick, pretty fast, but it is a recession. And so this recovery is it? Is it going to last the big question? Well, 1932 down 8.2% 1940 was the next 1 may remember that right before World War two. Down 9.8%. He had the Nazis going through. Ah, Paris. Member that those pictures of them stormtrooper and down the shops, Allie say. Right from the Ark to triumph. I mean photo right for that was ah, someone looking at photo opportunities in the past. I think about that. That's just crazy. I mean, can you imagine that? Market Street in San Francisco. You ever watch that show on Amazon Prime? Where? Ah, I don't want going to the Germans and Jap Japanese beat us in World War two, and then they take over the United States kind of interesting show. But could you I mean you could they show it. Did you see these people walking down Market street Aiming is America. Excuse me. All right. 4000 was a negative year down 9.1%. And then 2008 will never forget that 2008 market the SNP was down 37%. As Lehman Brothers declared, We're done. We're out of here. Remember those guys walking out with their their boxes? I do anyway, so that those air only four times, but the averages 11.3 not consider this Friday. If you look at the S and P for the year rap a little over 4%. So could we go another 7% up? I mean anything's possible. But will it be a negative year? That's a great question. The election will be behind us, and we'll see what happens. It's Ah, It's fascinating, isn't it? Sorry. I just get excited about this stuff. I know. All right. So how about this? This is a good one, is a Republican, or is a Democrat. Better for your stock market portfolio. This is fascinating. What do you think? The natural tendency, people sales Republicans or better, of course. I don't know. I mean, look at this. When Jimmy Carter remember Jimmy Carter I mean, we had the highest inflation we've ever had. And, you know, I mean, I remember that you could get a CD and you get like 17% return on your CDs and your municipal bonds. Those were paying like 12%. Remember that wise When I started the business in the early nineties? I remember I have these clients who had these Munich bonds and they said, like 12% interest or 8% interest, and these were tax free. I thought, Wow, that looks pretty good. But remember stocks and nineties were Running the 20%, too. So it was, well, what's better stocks or bonds? Anyway by Di Aggress. But when AH Jimmy Carter was president Of the United States. The average return For him in his period of time. As you may remember, was ahh 77 through 81 Get this 11.7%. You may say, Well, that's cause inflation was so high. And, of course, the returns. We're going to be okay. I mean, whatever you want to say, I'm just look Democrat 11.7%. How about Richard Nixon? He was a Republican, right? Hey, was an office from 69 through 74? Because, remember the last second term didn't go so well anyway. What was his average return? He's Republican. Must be great, right? Wrong down 2.9%. Up. Not great. Okay, let me let me pick a good one. George Bush, right? George Bush should be great. After all, he was there from 2001 through 2009. I mean, one bad year there right now. Remember many bad years? Gulf War Remember 2008 crisis? Wow. What do you think down 4.4%? Not looking so good. Right? And I know immediately go to Ronald Reagan, Of course, because you have to. And that was their Cem Cem. Good times for the market overall, 1981 through 1989. You'd be right. The average annual return was 15.9%. And for George Sr. The average was 13.9 positive. Positive. Positive. Okay, good. We all tend to think about that. What about Mr Obama? President Obama? Well, he came in right. The.

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