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And we we got bored and we started counting and James. I know you know this but if I hadn't told you this if I were to say to you hey James. How many bat suits do you think? Live action. Bats has there been. What would you have thought before I actually told you how many bats suits have been filmed? I mean if I thought about it and then if I you know and then asking like well what do you mean you mean movies or do you mean? Movies and television like Full Live Action. Or What Live Action. Live Action Movies Television. What HAVE YOU I I would have guessed I probably would have guessed around fifteen but I know the answer. Now I guest ten and then we started talking about. Here's my list and if somebody out there wants to argue with me please. You can argue with me. If somebody thinks missed one. Please message me but this is what we got. The first one is the cereals. The first serial of Just Batman. The second one is the seals. The second one calls. Batman and Robin has a different actor as Batman costume slightly different than we have Adam West Adam West appeared in both the TV series the movie and the legends of the superheroes. Then we get Batman. Eighty nine Batman Returns Batman forever. The I also the panthers suit. I don't know where that name came from. That's what I've heard. We have Batman forever. The second suit the sonar modification. We have the first few Batman and Robin the second suit. The ice suit we have Batman begins the dark knight which is the same suit for the dark knight rises. We debate on that one for a while. But there's no visible differences in the suits. It's the same suit then we have the BBS sort of the nightmare. Batman suit yes. It's a play off of the of the regular but there are some changes in differences and that can be argued we have the justice the Second Justice League suit then we have got them and then we have the one that I forgot which they did release pictures for so we know what the suit look like titans.

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