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Streaming live on the key TA our news app your breaking news and traffic. GTA are news time it's ten oh two one Taylor can around here's our top story the Arizona couple who escaped prison Cassidy in Utah has now been placed on the most wanted list Susan in Blaine Barksdale were last seen more than two weeks ago US marshals believed they could be in the snow flake area this case is a major case the US marshal service being part of the fifteen most wanted make some priority nationally our goal here in the Marshall service is to bring the them to justice team he was with the U. S. Marshall service so the total of thirty five thousand dollars in reward money is being offered for any information that can lead to the arrest report of a wrong way north and I know the wrong way driver stopped early this morning just north of the valley in some of the details surrounding this one will have you shaking your head Jonathan notices a you have a pie county sheriff's deputy initially tried to stop the vehicle that was traveling southbound in the northbound lanes of I. seventeen how to put on make up against the wall per se it's just trying to basically stop the vehicle unfortunately they were unable to and the driver basically continued on going finally he says they put down some spike strips stopping the driver near I seventeen the New River Road after he traveled nearly forty miles the wrong way no crashes and no one was hurt the driver was arrested for felony do you why German foster KTA orders the city of surprise just broke ground on a new fire station near one hundred and sixty Third Avenue just off the U. S. sixty the voter approved project is bond funded and it covers a rapidly growing section of north surprise fire station three oh four will be complete by the fall of twenty twenty. we're down to just three weeks left in what's been one of the driest monsoon seasons on a record here in Phoenix sky harbor.

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