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Booed at operate. He's right that's the that's the truth about it. So how you feel about that and I thought I told I told her I had security Bob. I told them listen. You might take him up. Jersey off run around city crazy man. We're going to ship. Yeah but it will always be Lakers town for sure. Going Back Ryan mentioned the summer and hey listen. We've seen the way player movement has changed this league and and think pat how you ended up with the Clippers essentially a sign and trade. Right Chris. Paul essentially tells the team. If you don't do a sign and trade for me and get something back for me. I'm just GONNA leave and free agency. You're not GonNa get anything for me. And so the clippers make the trade. And what do they get back? They get you they get mantras heralding it. Lou Williams which become the core of the team that you go out and essentially sell to Hawaii and Paul Georgian. That's how your team is bill. But that's I don't want to cut you off and that's what. I'm just trying to show everyone out here. Just that simple of what I talked about regardless of the name of it could be Chris. Paul can be anybody the the EGO. If you don't do this I'm going to do this. You disrespect the game. It will come back to get you like no matter. What like it's a life. It's a life balance like anything. You're doing you guys working on. If is your job and if I don't do this I want this happened. Usually it doesn't work in your favor. You know and it worked plus and it worked really well for us and usually that's how it goes who we are used now to a whole different like just look at last week. And I know Jackie's been philly a little bit lately in one day and in Ryan was talking about this summer's pod and podcast like Jimmy Butler says something on Instagram. Joel embiid response. He was like. Hey We gotTA TEAM AT EMBRACES VILLAINS AND JOEL SAYS. Yeah you're damn straight you know like and now all right so now it becomes. Joel's on a stretcher. He's not played well and now he's talking about and of course there's no way for him to get to my. We always forget that part like he's just GonNa pack up and go play. There's no other mechanisms Leonard Miles and then and then the next right. Yeah and then. The next night he comes out plays great. They win against you. And now he's now he's posting. Hey phillies my city and like it's just normal in the league. We go some of us who covered it go. Wow How do you get to the point? Now where you just go like that part of it now is just become normal Does it impact the locker room? Does it impact the way you guys look at each other when there's so much conversation about what's coming next where everyone's going versus what we're trying to do right now in this league trying to win. Tonight's game for a week. Mind a year for for for for players who have lose mentalities yes you can get away with that but you come into a locker room attain. You know who wants to win dynamic is very different. I come on Bro. We don't WanNa hear that. Lock Lock Hand Zip Zip Zip. That's all done over there. You know like move on. Let's play basketball. We're here to play basketball. We're here to win games and play basketball. It's plenty ways you can be very strategic and fans and getting everybody could CA- route and have on your side. It's very strategic ways. But you know it's it's it's it's one way and it's the right way jacky when you were covering the Celtics Lakers great six or teams in the eighties and a player was upset about roll the GM too. It's really too bad. I mean it really was like that and players back then and I get Lebron a lot of crap for the player empowerment that exists in the NBA and like or dislike Lebron. One thing that I appreciate about Lebron is when I say player in parliament in each case he never forced his way out. He finished his contract so he has the right as a player as a free agent. You know he would opt out earlier. What have you? But he has never been a guy that's forced to trade to move on to the next place. I have respect for for that. I have a little less respect for people that you know. Shoot their way out but back in the day like I remember. I remember once there was Larry. Bird had contract coming up and we didn't even know really back then with how much the contracts were worth like it just it was very different league and it was very heavily owner controlled. The players had very few rights. It felt like and I remember. He actually came in late for media and he wasn't like that he was a guy that showed up but he came because he was mad. He was mad that the negotiations weren't going the way he wanted and Jan Volk was GM that time and someone said well. Where's Larry because he's supposed to be here and in general made a huge mistake and he said. I don't know well. By the time Larry landed. They used to have two days and I went to the second two a day because I was new and young and scared so I went to everything so I went to the second today and I asked him about it and he went off like I'd never seen it before. And he said I will only deal with red are back from now on but never once did he say I want out of here. I'm going to go because even though he was Larry Bird he wasn't going anywhere. Free Agency was different. There wasn't player movement and the one thing that every player of that generation wanted was to begin and end their career in one place. That was the standard that everybody wanted to live by. Kareem abdul-jabbar was it was a notable exception but Irvin Magic Johnson played for one team is entire career. So did Larry Bird Kobe. Bryant did and. I know you had the same experience that I did. There was a time when Kobe was unhappy with the Lakers. I'm in my car like I need to buy a dress for a party and I'm in the car for forty minutes and listen to. Kobe told me he wants to be traded. And I'm thinking that's fine do but you're not going anywhere. Well he really meant you mention Kobe. And no real. I remember having dinner with him down in Newport beach have years I was a place he'd like to go out they'll meet him. I was his office right and I remember him one night telling me well. I I think the Lakers are gonna Amnesty me. Jim Bus doesn't want me anymore. He's GonNa dump my contracts amnesty me. I'm going to go to the Knicks Higher Phil Jackson replaced Phil Whereas I Co. they're not going to amnesty. They will burn this city down. That's not happening. No he was he was sure of it. He was sure of it and I was like the dumbest conversation I've ever had with. Anybody is now. You're not getting amnestied by the Lakers. He had it in his head for a while he did. And isn't it interesting? Think about it. One of the greatest players that ever lived and who came to embody the Lakers in the most positive ways. For whatever reason as great as you as he was and he was great even he had moments seeds of doubt and the other the other one with him to was the idea of going to the clippers and Jerry West brought it up right and the aftermath of Kobe's passing about him having to Talk Koby out of signing with the clippers and another thing. He said there was a time where the clippers sterling on them where they play a few games a year down in Orange County. I think at the Toyotas whatever that arena is there in Anaheim and there was some talk about. Maybe the team moving down there and Kobe said to me at the team moved down there. I would've signed with the clippers. My why is it? The commute the shorter. Wait a minute you would. Essentially you're going to leave the Lakers and go to the clippers. First shorter commute. He said yes and that was a time where he would take. He would take that helicopter from Orange County he would land on that ritz-carlton that's right by staples center. I think you could land on. The roof landed somewhere around there and he hated that drive. He hated that traffic and he would take the helicopter all around now. I don't know in the heart-to-heart of Kobe. Ever really GONNA go. But it was even the guys who did stay their whole career in a place. It's rare that eight. Tim Duncan nearly came Tim Dot Landau rivers but think about it. I mean you guys were in Chicago. Michael Jordan did not begin and end his career in Chicago. I still can't believe it but we all just like to. I mean I would like to forget those Washington years because I covered them and no disrespect to Mike but those are like a cement of his legacy that last season he played every writing but that was like the last thirty forty game. Like it wasn't so fun before that when I get the minutes in the points in the field goal percentage. Yeah it was like the previous year he would like. Oh I made a mistake. Okay well now kill you guys know that the team was great or anything but you back on. Those numbers are good but I wanNA follow up on something you said here because you're talking about the player empowerment thing. I've been kind of ANA just fascinated about because I don't know that I have the right answer like I don't know what's right. I don't know the balance of it because sometimes I think about like younger people in my industry and being ten almost fourteen years. Can you beat younger people coming up and they would ask you vice and you'd be like okay. Well what do you want to do? And they'd be there two years doing a podcast going. You know. I'd like to maybe pre-game Monday night football.

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