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Viruses with Michael and Sons. German Sidle U. V C Go to Michael and son dot com. Traffic and weather on the eighth Jack Taylor in the W T o P Traffic Center starting Virginia 66 Running eastbound We'd hadn't been bad was a decent riders. You made the trip better. Manassas. We were a little bit heavy coming into Centerville passing 1 23 and now a delay at the Beltway. Unfortunately, we've gotta crash in one of the camera here sideways along the left side of the roadway. So do be careful if you're riding 6 66 east as you head toward the Beltway, But there's also some activity to the right side. So we've got quite a bit happening here on 66 east at the Beltway. Stay up center. If you're okay. If you're going to try to get on to the outer loop, you seem unaffected. At this point. Now you will find 28 north bound McClaren up near are in Herndon after McClaren Road. We did have an earlier crash 95 north bound between Vicksburg in Springfield. You've got a delay in Woodbridge. There is a major slowdown in Maryland on the Beltway outer loop, beginning just north of Central Avenue headed toward 4 50 Annapolis road. The crash just past exit. 20 right. Half of the roadway tied up to the left will get you by coming into the district South on D. C. Tu 95 delays after Eastern Avenue stretched toward East Capitol Street. New York Avenue at Bladensburg Road checking for a crash Massachusetts Avenue near 12th Street. Northwest Fire Department activity may have a pedestrian crash along Southern Avenue near Wheeler Road, and there's been a reported accident Northwest on Whitehaven Parkway at 37th Street. Don't forget around ST Martin's church this morning in Northwest parking restrictions and street closures of possible For Metropolitan police Senior officer Keith Williams this morning, So just watch out for increased police activity you will find We've got some heavier traffic in Maryland to 70 South down near 3 70 We had reports of debris in Columbia Columbia Road in your 10 Mills road. You may be under police direction around that crash. Ritchie Road North bound near Forest Park Drive also were reported Accident Forest Phil Jack Taylor, w T o P. Traffic and your Storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets were mostly trying today tomorrow but real quick looking into the weekend, of course. Worth of July weekend coming up and he's going to be hot.

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