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I think he's interview with david from the magazine. He has incredible sense of humor. I think he really is like. I'd love to see him do like a kind of screwball. Comedy does elements. Mike for sure but like i'd love to see him do something that he's like pure funny even benjamin button. You've got those little vignettes with the guy keeps been struck by lightning. And it's done in this separate Buster key in that. That is such funny. That i mean it kind of like you know puts the brakes on the on the phone pretty hard every time that comes in but at each forgive it and after the second or third time you know you you're kind waiting for the fifth and six this is i think i think people forget about that sense of humor and take his. He's such a good interview watching him. Hearing him reading him being interviewed but some people might take things. He says a bit too seriously. Yeah just having a laugh with us. This is why. I'm kind of skeptical about this council culture thing. Because i think he might have said this is jerry can now. It's like a very serious. But i mean we should mention the fabulous story from fight club since we haven't spoken about fight club. I'm about the lying in the script that he was told to take out by the studio and he replaced it with Has become like an iconic klein in the annals of history which malla asleep so Brad pitt and afterwards she says. I haven't been like that since grade school which i'm sure we'll get leaked on this podcast but yeah. That was a pure like that. I believe annoyed even more but they can take access to you by that point said he. He agreed that was one thing in the team. Change this lowest. They agreed whatever it was to keep in ways changed it to an. He made it worse. So david fincher so we will be talking about bank on a future episode. You pick up the issue as well which has lots of bank related content in there. I still can't get over that title as a terrible character. Say manque all the way through. That just doesn't work in english. Maybe we should adopt nineteen forties american. Hollywood accents when we say Adam hannah thank you so much for joining me today. To talk about david fincher. It's been awhile since we spoke. It's been a pleasure. thanks thanks. it's been nice like a nice tonic for lockdown to. You're talking about david finch. I think he's a. He's a good lockdown filmmaker to get into as well because you know not very many films which is the ideal films would recommend mindhunter afterwards. Yes to fight. Iowa's such a skeptic with mine. I didn't like i watched the first came out. Didn't like it and then came back to about a year ago and radiate my words. I think is fantastic. I he said like he said in recent interviews for mind he's probably not going to make a third season. Which makes me really sad. Because i think it's is already ready. Great any like fincher show but like a great crime show. We don't get lot those nowadays. It's all very hokey true crime but mind hunter really holds up of making more of it or is he just not doing it i think he said it's unlikely to get a season three. Because there's a whole there's a whole plot there is just like dangling the put the the kids again so the tv series mind hunter and the music videos to recommend that definitely part of the story particularly if you go read. Sidney ebonics amazing article digging into the relationship between fincher. Madonna is well worth a read because you we think he starts in the late nineties. But actually there's a whole story before that's all parts of the big fincher fable listeners. If you have any thoughts on venture. I'm sure many of you have many.

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