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Thirty one degrees at O'Hare Cook County judge today temporarily blocked CPS from turning a largely African American elementary school in the south loop into a neighborhood high school deals a big win. To impassioned parents who've argued the decision by CPS would violate state civil rights laws. So you wanna be mayor of Chicago. Well, you've got us a bit of a minimum of several thousand position petition signatures to get on the ballot. Then you have to survive challenges the validity of those signatures something geared that Jamal. Green is finding out the hard way thanks to Willie Wilson who claims that he is four changing these communities, but a person who say that no black candidates should be in the race. But him it is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. If you think that you can beat me beat me, fair and square beat me fair and square on the ballot others facing petition challenges. Bill Daley, Gary McCarthy, Leshan Ford and Lori Lightfoot ceremonies honoring the life of former President George Hw Bush began today, his body is lying in state at the US capitol. Vice President Mike Pence, is example, will always inspire and his lifetime of service will be enshrined in the hearts of the American people forever. This city of Norfolk is agreed to fork out almost five million dollars to. Five former sailors who were wrongly convicted of rape and murder based on intimidation in police interrogation. The former governor of the state Terry McAuliffe, pardon the van last year for nineteen Ninety-seven rape and murder of Michelle. Moore Bosko DNA eventually tied the crime to someone else. Home. Good giants future is small is planning to open its first city center store in Manhattan early next year at just over seventeen thousand square feet. This location will be much smaller than the three hundred thousand square foot locations. A chain is known for including one just across the river. In Brooklyn, I- Kia says it's making the change to keep up with the way people shop, which is increasingly online. This new location will allow shoppers to see what they want to buy and then have it delivered to them. Daria Albinger, ABC news. New York park police after three men who held up and carjack to knows a gunpoint Saturday. It happened garage of the one hundred block of north Harvey avenue. The car was recovered in south Austin by Chicago, police, sports, traffic and weather next on WGN. Renzo piano.

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