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And fans, Please drink responsibly. Biagio beer company, New York, New York Notre Dame men's basketball continues at the 9 24 mark of the second half. Notre Dame was up 19. Then Miami made a run. They cut it down and I'm but the Irish have responded. By making five straight shots there on a 60 run over the last minute and 50 seconds and they've held Miami scoreless for two minutes and eight seconds, and that all adds up to the Irish making their lead. A little more comfortable 69 56. They leave Miami with 2 26 remaining and I'll tell you what, it's nice being down in Miami. When you lose, and that's happened a few times down there and then you're leaving the warm weather and you're getting on the plane, and it's one of those regional planes source for these big guys. There's not a lot of leg room there and you gotta fly back. It's about a three hour flight. It's a heck of a lot more pleasant. Flying back after a win. Specially this Notre Dame team that's taken its lumps. This year. They've played inconsistently. Coach break put together a very difficult schedule one that Has had the Irish already play. In their 1st 12 games, six games against teams that were ranked and that doesn't count Kentucky a team it was not ranked Or Purdue, another team that wasn't ranked at the time that Notre Dame played him. And they've gotten beaten up a little bit, but this would.

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