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Meeting in singapore to meet the leader of the united states to talk about peace and to the right station so that's what's very unusual i think you know going back to what christiane said earlier when we look at the interest of labour's japanese interest as christian said chinese interests south korean interests don't forget russia and interests no real problem throughout decades have been there not being all the same they've all won to denuclearization but priority very different phineas interest as well exactly taina they want colorization but more than that they want the same resume in place in north korea right for for china a unified unified north and south korea oriented toward the west is a concern if not a good news for them and same with russia for russia on nuclear north korea has been a good annoyance for the united states and so they wanna keep on at it was show they want nonproliferation but rather have us preoccupied you know than absolutely get a sense just of the power of china in all this just the the plane that kim jong un took down here he he flew on a chinese plane of a plane provided by china not a north korean aircraft having been on north korean aircrafts when i've gone in and out of north korea a few times i don't really blame him it's not what you really want your frequent flyer points on but that said joe's exactly right the chinese are interested in mostly in the status quo right now and to some degrees this is why kim jong on is a double winner before they even turn out to communicate i he's being shown to his own people on par with the president united states present united states picked up flew halfway around the world to meet the leader of the small broken repressive country that is you point out is one of the great human rights violators of all time showing the degree of respect that kim thinks he is too but secondly just because he is engaged in this process anderson the chinese have already begun to lift some of those sanctions over the russian so to some degree the pressure is coming off even though he hasn't agreed with things and the us had been talking about matching them pressuring and maintaining matching on pressure a difficult thing to do though.

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