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Gotha take another step up so we'll see then you got carson wentz taken by the eagles in the second pick i think he's going to be a top five quarterback into noti'm okay if he comes back from his knee injury the season plays well he'll be a i've quarterback so he looks good already joey bosa taken by the chargers i mean you couldn't ask for much more there okay joey bosa did hold out for decent deal accidents ricky which was very interesting and entertaining but nonetheless since he's been playing with the chargers i mean as played extremely well all right looking at his stats that sees i during two thousand sixteen didn't play every game only played twelve games started eleven 'cause he was holding out nonetheless finished with ten and a half sacks twenty nine tackles twelve assisted and then two thousand seventeen he makes the pro bowl starts all sixteen games forced four forced fumbles that's a little tongue tied or tonguetwister they're twelve and a half sacks fifty four tackles sixteen assists all right so he's done well i'd say that was a real salt pick even though he did hold out for little bit into his first season zeke you elliott drafted number four by the cowboys on being already a top three running back in the league like all righty okay and it's two thousand sixteen draft might be rivaling two hundred thirteen two thousand fourteen i mean you already got a bunch of star players carson wentz going to be top five quarterback boasts on his way to a top five defensive in elliott's already top three running back and then you got jalen ramsey i think is the best cornerback in the league already drafted fifth by the jacksonville jaguars all right so there's a lot of hits right here i'd say all these these top five pixel farben hits all right and then it doesn't even stop you got ronnie stanley drafted six by the baltimore ravens salt player they're probably one of the best players in that draft and like i said the starter for that team all right and they get pig number seven you got the san francisco forty niners taken to force buckner another starter there don't well still trying to develop but nonetheless done a job in his done well okay and we've seen the tien thing law of offense of lime in the past few drafts and.

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