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That you will response should they you know cross certain boundaries that that you've set up in this has been very explicitly the policy of the department of defense as state department presidential administrations ever since we've had nuclear weapons and i think that this sort of criticism of trump's tweet is is kind of muddy i think there's a couple things going on here one i think that the deterrence is completely defensible strategically and i think that that's something that's been happening for for fifty years i think that what people are right to criticise is the possibility of a nuclear accident right so in a lot of game theory models there's a lot of talk there's a lot of posturing but nobody ever actually pushes the button the only time that disaster happens as if there's an accident so i think the idea is that may be being being so upfront and so immediate in enacting this the turns theory may be some radar man in pyongyang now is is very on edge and misinterpret the blip on the radar and you know sound the alarm too early in the me ask you a deep question men please do how can there be effective deterrence unless there's some actual brisk that no i think i think that's absolutely right and i think the difficulty is finding kind of where those two things meet right so in in a nuclear conflict in a sort of classical model of a nuclear standoff fight back to thomas showing nobel prizewinning economists who kinda got all this started actually worked for the truman administration it's kind of a analogous to a game of chicken right were driving at each other at very high speed and the sort of way that i win the.

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