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Families and communities, it's time to come together and address this crisis. So we can help save lives. One thing that anyone of us can do sickly dispose of unused prescription medicines keeping unused. Medicines can be dangerous children, friends and family members can easily misuse them for. Eating misuse can help prevent addiction locations across Nevada including many police departments. We'll take back run use medicines for safe disposal. If you can't make it to a location in your community. They're easy and safe ways to dispose of medications at home to find a take back location and home disposal tips. Visit the Rx abuse leadership initiative of Nevada rally Nevada is a coalition of national state and local leaders working together to end our state's opioid crisis. You can find that rally envy dot org. That's our a l I envy dot org. Let's rally together and help save lives. Paid for by RX abuse leadership initiatives, seven twenty on the AM one. Oh, one five FM. Now on the only FM news talk station in Las Vegas. Hey, don. With the annual rent for the house by gay run and fun walk. Run begins at eight pm on April, sixth benefiting Ronald McDonald house of Las Vegas and families have critically ill children for more details. Visit our h l v dot org wherever you are one. Oh, one five FM seven twenty AM on the talk of Las Vegas is with you. Download the app store on Google play one zero one five FM seven twenty AM talk of Las Vegas..

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