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There's only one Chris Plante, the Chris Plante show Washington's mall. W M. A L were Washington comes to talk. Hi, this is Paul MacDonald, owner of almost home senior Care by now, you've heard that we specialize in group homes with high level of care for seniors. Not assisted living, and we're not nursing homes. We are real homes with real caregivers with an amazing caregiver to resident ratio, and I'm proud to announce we're about to open a new location with a one time never to be repeated pre grand opening offer. If your loved one is currently in a big box facility and requires 24 7 private duty care on top of the standard care, provided I have an astounding offer for you. For the 1st 20 qualify new residents. I will guarantee up to an astonishing $100,000 annualized savings over the first year compared to what you're paying now. Conditions obviously apply. Call my team today almost on senior care 703 call home for the best care I know of, and the great price called 703 Call home. Save money. Better care 703 call home. How you doing? Dan Bongino here and I recommend you go with the local real estate experts in the Eric Stewart Group for all real real estate needs. Eric and his team have found the perfect formula to sell your home faster for top dollar. No tricks. No gimmicks. Hi. I'm Eric Stewart, The host of the Eric Stewart Show here on W. M. A. L and your local real estate expert After 33 years in the business and a billion dollars sold my real estate team and I have found the perfect formula to sell your home fast and for top dollar call might Team today for an obligation free home evaluation so that you don't undersell if you're not ready to sell. Call my team today and ask for our market Ready Guide to find out. What are the 10 questions? You should ask a realtor before you hire one. And where can you put a dollar in to.

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