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Over sexual harassment and abuse allegations putting wine st louis e k charlie rose mark helprin etc mr lauer was affect your morning television goes on let's see mr lowers the second of nbc's the top rated stars to lose his job in recent years in 2015 nbc news suspended at six pm nightly news anchor brian williams but he's back as any o brian williams whatever happened to him after six months they sent him to msnbc like i said whatever happened the guy who were lee was very confused about where he was when he was where how he got there what he did and so forth and so on he was heroic in his journalism except he was but he's back reporting the news look at these knows aged cheese ladies and gentlemen they have politicians people who work for politicians now working as journalists people who worked as journalists now working as politicians will work as journalists again they have predators choirs i predators sometimes predators people observed predators in the meantime most of the vote democrat most of them are liberal and most of them hate conservatives and republicans isn't that interest very interesting mr lower has had some notable stumbles in recent years has interview of hillary clinton and donald j trump during the presidential election was widely panned by giving mrs clinton far rougher treatment and he gave mr trump this is the new york slimes know what the mere getting kill that rediculous music thank you mr producer the new york slimes yalta the new york slimes was doing i looked over at instapundit the great website over there and uh the new york times has actually tweeting out for instance the name of of uh saboteur senator susan collins from the great state of maine and telling the readers to contact her to vote against the senate tax plan now i want her to vote against the senate tax plan but not for the reason she wants to vote against the senator explained she thinks the culture to date were not spending enough you know the usual left wing democrat crap dressed up as republican responsible commentary now but all that set.

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