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I'm Chris Trunk Man in our top story, a nine o'clock A Hayne City man who allegedly stole a bulldozer and used it to destroy Joe Biden. Campaign signs could get 15 years in prison 26 year old James Bligh told police he had been drinking whiskey. Former vice mayor Adam Burgess lives in the neighborhood and says blight took to Biden signs from his yard and then bulldoze, dispense any decides to drive to the when they were good. It just happens to be almost entirely after marriage and start strong property, and that's ridiculous blights facing grand theft and trespassing charges. Expect a lot of presidential campaign pit stops in Florida this week with just a week to go until November. 3rd today Ivanka Trump all these stumping in Sarasota, while Barack Obama appears in Orlando on Thursday, Joe Biden and rallies in Broward in Tampa. There's no doubt Floridians are eager to weigh in state elections office is reporting more than in 2.6 million Democrats in 2.2 million Republicans have either voted early in person or by mail. We expect that 78% of voters are gonna turn out are going to turn out prior to Election Day. Bert Rodriguez, with the Miami Dade Supervisor of Elections office says At this rate, Florida will exceed the combined total of male votes and early votes cast for the entire 2016 election. So there may not be long lines on Election Day. Wendi Grossman. Miami The Tampa Bay Rays face a must win situation tonight, trailing the Los Angeles Dodgers three games to two going into Game six of the world. Siri's Rays manager Kevin Cash, says his guys should have a fresh approach. After Monday's day off the vibe in the club. I heard a couple guys, you know, just saying, Hey, let's go enjoy the often get ready.

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