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With your birthday is because of the trauma that you were subjected to on friday when you came in here if some if you haven't had a chance he had go to our instagram at bill handel show and the first picture that you'll see you'll get to see what michelle did to the studio for bills birthday and how bill felt about it yes absolutely oh today very important day it's sub arteries birthday marjorie rambeau in their heads right okay guys let's do it handle on the news leaves story oh hi oh hi there's not much more to say other than all hot oh hot this week it's worth it breaks of records which is almost impossible woodland hills i think the rector for what were the elles is a hundred thirty eight or something real i ask well maybe not quite as your it'll just crazy they looks like the valleys in the eye you're going to make it two maybe one ten today and the only good news there that car caplan for national weather service told me this morning was that the excessive heat warning will not be in effect for the coast today and that's because the marine layers being supercell we're not going away you kidding well emily's the air love 90s i mean in the not going to be cool there the people at the beach are going to go crazy canoga park that area woodland hills canoga park sort of the northridge area is the hottest part of los angeles and it's interesting that canoga park as you.

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