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No Michael Porter Jr tonight for Denver. He's out with the covert covert protocol. Whatever I'm supposed to say. Right? But you do get to Michael Green and Jamal Murray back for tonight's contest free throw number one for Paul Millsap. That one's up and in and we'll have one more. The bench is going to be the question here tonight Votes. Phoenix. I know it's early has one of the better benches here in the MBA. Second free throw from Milsap is up, and then he got fouled on the three point shot. I'll have one more. Had five points about lawsuits sacramental the other night, one of four shooting 33 0. Good. He got the roll on the Nuggets tied ballgame, up four points apiece. Chris Paul has any jobs it across the timeline got it out there by Jamal Murray Dribbles faked the handoff over the book or he's in the corner. Paul brings back out over to the wing. Those that on tops of liquor now Crowder downloaded the Andre eight. No shoot over yoke. It's that one's no good. Rebound comes down the real Bart and I just get a chance to get the lead back here. Martin hasn't left sideline topped with key over the Nicole Yokich. Yokich Given Go with Murray's Jamal cuts through the lane, one like a fadeaway up, it is And the Nuggets leading six before I left side is Devin Booker, Booker and Murray Love playing against each other. Booker brings it out over to the point. Now he's inside the Ark behind the back bounce pass to Chris Paul had fake on the three back out over the Booker Booker gets a slip picks Crowder and that's gonna be an offensive foul on Crowder. Jamal Murray did a good job flop in there. I felt two hands on his backside, which is illegal and then murdered basically made the referee call.

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