Mike Mike Pence, Florida, Donald Trump discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher


People know about this grab anyway. Mike mike pence spent all week in europe. This is just the side scandal to the weather scandal. The trump was supposed to go to europe to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the start of world war two in poland. He decided he couldn't go because we needed his giant brain and to monitor the storm that was about to hit alabama so pence went ireland pence stayed two hundred miles elsewhere his meeting was because he had to stay in a trump hotel trump hotels very different from regular hotels tells when when you call down to room service for ice a team of immigration police show up on out anyway anyway trump did not go on the trip. He said he couldn't be at a monitor the storm and he went golfing and the storm dorian and it was looked like it was about to hit florida. It was barreling right toward florida and it just stopped over the poor people in the bahamas. It was like fifty miles wears heading right towards florida and it just looked at florida and went no. We're not fucking with florida. I'm sorry around. We've we've seen hurricanes turn. This is the first one that pretended it was on its phone. America got lucky. We missed the worst of it. <hes> the carolinas got a lot of rain half a million people in the carolinas. Here's our totally without power but enough about disenfranchising voters did you you.

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