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Down the right into the for the Friday about it once again seven thirty two o'clock god keep the keep the battle of the battle here as the pressure on on keep defending them keeps forcing them to miss grab those rebounds to get the ball down the floor keep doing what we're doing you know we've seen too many leads slip away or you're not good it's working so far so keep your phone model Mason Jones works against Marchand leads it tries to draw contact through the download daily pick out wide open three Harris missed it off the ramp rebound Bailey had it lasted over the baseline right through his hands and out of bounds dogs ball going the other way the help they can get Russia will walk across the floor he's met there by Isaiah Joe thirty six eighteen dollars we feed it to Edward C. with left baseline of Christian brown try to reverse lay in a knock it out of the six again on the side of the room the Razorbacks get the June quarter and walking a call to Monica Morrow use of laying on his back the deck they're trying it was for first off the mark not a shooting situation for the Razorbacks six fifty to go Arkansas will inbound with Jaylen Harris six to transfer from New Mexico from Wilson North Carolina thanks to the basket president of the quarter the seals that retreats that handles the sales given the chill drive push off to the foul line lost the ball rolling on the floor Jones he dribbles of drives against crop and we file into the room the fall on Tyreek crops first file team's fifth and this will be a shooting situation for the Razorbacks based Jones leading scorer in the Southeastern Conference coming into tonight averaging twenty to a ball game in league play twenty.

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