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Podcast one has crime and mystery with shows like cold case files son short of how his victim was killed the doctor completes his autopsy with more questions than answers this serial killer podcast nail buying as it turned out must the kidnapped kelly gaffney and crime in sports he's pulled over in dallas and found in possession of a crack bite let's just say the lawsuit thing go anywhere he couldn't exclusively on podcast wine and apple podcasts pets phil hendry villain racial podcast here for the for this money here with dean is like the fifth of the sixth visit guess observers november the six that's funding and welcome to our show and to bring up to speed and where i am here with my cold i got a head congestion that i know these people out this what now man well let me just tell you it because i was at the doctor on uh friday everything's i could buy combed through the cold to be honest with you but i can't hear a damn thing my head is congested and and and also here's the mortgage voice now is still see a there's still a little kano in a weird would you want so i go to the doctor on friday dr horton and he it looks in my ears he looks in my nose you looks in my he looks at my face need to shakes his head and said will make no improvement there and i said great why don't you just prescribe me some doctors will i'm going to give you i'm going to give you a antibiotic because.

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