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Five five nine two nine four nine four W. I. T. sports time at nine eighteen great news at Lexus of cherry hill their sales department is now open open up at nine AM it'll be open until five PM for in store sales so you can call or stop in set up an appointment you can also continue to pick out your new car online got a Lexus of cherry hill dot com get your car and Lexus of cherry hill will deliver your new or pre owned car right to your home service department at Lexus of cherry hill open Monday through Friday seven thirty AM to six PM and Saturday seven thirty AM to five PM they know it's essential to have your car in good operating condition and Lexus of cherry hill were even pick up your car and bring you a loaner car for most services again the sales department at Lexus of cherry hill is open for in store sales they'll be open till five PM today so they're open nine AM to five PM go to their beautiful show room is located on route seventy three south in mount laurel go see it ed Sunday and his great team at Lexus of cherry hill Lexus cherry hill dot com sources close once ninety four W. once and for all week today is Foles versus Carson wins tomorrow it's game Kapler was he given a fair chance I mean we have our work cut out for us once and for all luchando group karma in the eighties and bush auto group dot com this is Barbara signs with the radio dot com sports running baseball's new sixty seven page manual for playing through the pandemic would outlaw among other things sunflower seed joined tobacco from spreading and in fact all forms of spreading that concerns new giants manager Gabe Kapler a creature of habit Kapler is routine begins with coffee at the start of the game then so to speak the spit hits the fan as he chews wads of gum and spits out the Jews to get through the middle innings he spits out sunflower seeds when you've been doing it your whole life it's like breaking any habit Kapler told KNBR radio it's going to be hard when things get stressful not to default to the habit here's my advice where mass spitting into it will quickly extinguisher habit and as you said the trade off is that you get to have some baseball back I'm a science.

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