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Donald Campbell this audience. Maybe there was something a whole new life of Brian back site. So you know you look your extras. Let's say whether we're talking about the problem with you. We've gotten our is that you've done. I would say seven careers very adeptly in your life and being the last one. Sorry very rude. But you re Arabists fantastic of history book with about the ship which I didn't know anything about what I like about you. Interested in history. Eight your car. You're sort of a part of the book in that you. You're going back and saying well these places and revealing what you think about as well which I think is a very interesting way of writing a book but I like the way you home in on that small historical details which is important as well but this you talk about the guy who had been in the battlefield griffin can walk around the ship on his head recreated Trafalgar. That's great cat character. There's a guy who chokes on a piece of these thrown up. His something like that is there are wonderful things in research. Actually what what always attracts me? The little eccentric stories me not not I mean. I like the big idea of the journey the Arabist to Antarctica that. Nobody knew anything about that journey. I did not read history and then whenever told me and they were that you know. Little sailing. Ship goes to Antarctica the first ship to circumnavigate Antarctica to you that there for four years they come back with harvey any illness on board. Nearly all of them still alive. It's truly stunning story. But what interests me is when I started researching just little things like him. There's one with they're just in the ice sheet and that trapped in their terrific storm when the storm and the ice sheet. The ICE floes just sort of rise up and crack it sounds a hideous thing and the wind blows. At one point it blows fish flack onto the side of the ship on the debt. That and they'll things is amazing. Ship that this fish just splattered. They're like Tom and Jerry from that. So they all get the this this this remarkable Go back and get get a pen and paper. Make sketch of this time. The comeback ships cats is eaten ships. Cat Roundabout the North Pole. Still Alive listening and then later to find out. This was somebody. I thought that was an amazing story. Anyway somebody read the book and said did. I know that this was not just an ordinary fish. This was a deep waters Ice Ice codfish and the very very rare very few people ever seen as a French textbook. All about great discoveries of the World Katori our world and it mentions this this this a fish that was blown onto the deck of HMS Arabists. All infringing on a Jacuzzi pilots shop key Lemon so it's in the history books this let you act. Probably the only glimpse of this historic fish which I think is absolutely brilliant. That cats hero in the history books. That's right which should be a hero. Lost THE VOID. Just finally right. That's incredible in fact. They took cats and they go and on the voyage. North to the northwest passage John Franklin commanding his wife. Jane frankly it was a bit of a character and she sent them a monkey. This is what you'll need on the journey to the to the Arctic is a monkey. This Jacko yeah so we on then what did eight. But presumably who has Jacko now gieco bit cold the first monkey to mountains his wonderful things that his his project may be still around somebody down and this is this is silly? We don't worry Senate what what I like about. An audio book is with. You wrote that you'll reading. Your own. Audiobook is always fantastic. Northwards gets an extra dimension all of the history of Nice if you could have that. Is there an author that you would like to have heard read their own books on an audiobook from the past when before this technology existed? Yeah yeah I'd like to. I mean will there's Roman authors CICERO and Seneca. There was brilliant is in Latin called at school. I didn't get on well but now I read translations of them and then wonderfully up-to-date modern and I'd love to hear you know how they how they read of it. How did AVI speak who lull disposal? Diverse I caressed. Oh shut up shut. Should Cicero House. She row. We don't go very often because we live up here way. Have you ever w happy and way science? So don't feel sorry.

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