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Shot. Christopher lovejoy I if I'm correct Lou Dibella doesn't think this dude belongs to you know doesn't doesn't belong to be ranked There was a big twitter thing thing between Liu and Chris lovejoy on twitter and if I understood it correctly because I could be confused it could be this could end up being Lou. Dibella promoted fighter. And that's that's how he's trying to get some publicity form but blue went on rent. How Chris Lovejoy did not Christopher lovejoy did not belong in the rankings? Now I never heard of this man until Lou tweeted tweeted about him and he tweeted about him because he was putting the WB rankings and show enough he's in the WBZ rankings. So whoever the for Chris Lovejoy is that's that's not a big enough name. That's better than you know. What's my man name Dominic Brazil Sergei Kouzmine also not better than Dominic Brazil Oles Oh last Fresno condo brings nothing. Nothing so I think. PBC will be served right if they went with the Brazil. Fight these all your names James Right here these or you names. If you can't get any of these guys in and you know it's funny I don't even see Brazil in the rankings. What the fuck has has everybody dropped them out the top fifteen? That's disrespectful man. Poor guy he's really not in any of these. Yeah Oh oh he's really not in any of these rankings. How could he just get dropped from the top? Fifteen across all four at brome and this is a thirty game. I'm telling you when you check show import. He's number ten in the IBM. After being a champion unification fight these rankings. Dirty Bro they. They don't play they they don't play man. I mean how is how is dominic Brazil with the fights. He's been in not even ranked above a guy like junior has informed. Anybody I mean. Oh Wow really crazy well well well well there you go man at this is basically the show. It's more about what you want. What do you like what they got? So it's a hated a lover situation. You know what I mean. Hated the love Adam come knock versus dominate Brazil. Barclays Center live on Fox. What do you think you like it? You don't we're GONNA go out to the.

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