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They even tried to have lunch or dinner with a member of the opposite party, and it became an extremely lonely experience for them where they felt that they were very few places where they could be themselves He wasn't looking for a sympathy per se, he certainly recognize that members of Congress are certainly privileged compared to most people in the country, but. The point I took away from him, and from the stories of so many others that I heard around the country was that loneliness is far more common than I had thought ride, and even before you realize that this was the national crisis. You admit that you yourself have battled with loneliness at various points in your life. Tell us about that. My own experiences of loneliness as a child, which were in deep and painful during. During my time in elementary school, in which continued at various points during adulthood, but it reminded me of my experiences as a doctor, taking care of so many patients who came into the hospital alone, and even at critical moments when we had to give them a difficult diagnosis or make a really tough decision on treatment. There was nobody there to be with them to help them. Make those tough choices they were all by. And, of course, not a lot of people want to admit that they're lonely because we have a bit of a stigma against it, have you found that others who suffer from this are maybe finding it comforting and encouraging to hear a successful former surgeon, general of the United States open up about his own bouts with this issue, and I do hope that it's helpful and I hope that we can all start sharing more of our stories when it comes to loneliness because the truth is that when I was a child, I, never spoke about these things. Even though I was struggling with loneliness, and I didn't talk to my parents about it or anyone else because I was ashamed. I thought that somehow being lonely meant that I was broken. That I wasn't likeable and I certainly didn't want to feel that way, but what we know now and what I know now that I wished I had known before, is it? Loneliness is not a disease or evidence a you are broken loneliness, in fact, a natural signal like hunger or thirst that our body sends to us when we are lacking. That we need for our survival, and in this case, so social connection. And when we respond to that need by calling a friend or visiting a one, and the loneliness may subsided just as hunger thirst, sub- subside when we get food or water, but if it persists for a long time. That's been loneliness kits to have serious effects on us. Impacting our mental health as well as our fiscal health. Yeah actually you made this rather astonishing and perhaps controversial statement when you said that loneliness is worse for us than smoking or Obesity A..

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