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By Quicken Loans I'm Matt piper, dozens of homes destroyed and two firefighters have been killed. It's all do a wildfire tearing through northern California. Around reading where tens of thousands have had, to flee, Chris Anthony with Cal fire with fire has been incredibly active it's primarily due to a couple of different factors the weather has been extremely hot and dry very persistent very, steady and strong wind out of. The west that has been pushing the, fire from the French Gulch area. Towards the western, area of the. City of reading. CBS, news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy reports the president took a victory lap today. Hailing the best quarterly growth rate, in four years President Trump should America is winning again we've accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions in remarks on the South, Lawn The president said the four point one percent GDP growth is due to his tax cuts, and tariffs as the trade deals come in one By one we're going to go a. Lot higher than these numbers and these are great. Numbers he didn't mention another figure his own. White House, reported this month a projected trillion dollar budget deficit in two thousand nineteen Steven Portnoy CBS news the White House meantime overseas Magoo Trump President Vladimir Putin is rolling out the, red carpet saying he's invited Mr.. Trump to Moscow and that they both, want future summits this despite Republicans. And Democrats on, Capitol Hill are. Still waiting for. A, transcript on what the two spoke about for two hours behind closed doors last. Week the White House says the, president looks forward to having President Putin visit Washington I sometime next year before accepting an invitation.

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