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Could send the money really an idea so we figured maybe some knuckle it'll send twenty Bucks he ends up getting like thirty five thousand dollars sent to him at this point he says I'm gonna donate this all charity because this is you know I don't need this much money or whatever then bush light and then more agreed to match the funds for whatever he gets a week later he is now raised with their contributions total a million dollars that is going to the I. what children's hospital people want to be a part of something fun. they're desperate to be a part of something that's fun and enjoyable so first there's this guy college game day the S. P. ends when you see everybody out there course on earth and everyone's chair like a mad person the cheerleaders going nuts everyone get ready for the game he's got this dumb sign if you were like that's funny because people are funny Eric that's great. I know seven five Bucks here ten Bucks there he then decides given to charity bush light not being dumb invent no not being dumb saying this is gold in terms of people knowing about our product and for and for PR for Venlo nine people do learn what demo does and for bush lite this is heaven ESPN their audience a hundred percent so what is the cost of it cost them two hundred thousand dollars how much earned media I cannot wait to see that number how much earned media they got to be a part of and we the people got to be part of something cool always gonna give it to charity. bye bye to the ten Bucks. and now you're this hospital which hospitals it that is giving each I what children's hospital. here's a million dollar gift. it's a win all the way around but it goes back to the base we talked about. people want to be a part of something what did it take they didn't have to leave their house they don't have to get dressed up they didn't have to tell you the political affiliation none of it was just like you know what that's cool it started with that's funny in those school five Bucks and now they're a part of something great if your bush lite you dream of this moment if your vet no you could not be happier the best part is bush lite for this guy his name's Carson came. they're taking his likeness and putting it on cans now and the referring to was like an Iowa legend I love it for for doing this and any as its people are gonna try this the games all over the place too late this guy won the the day with this one next Mike pence ended up doing something that people called sacrilegious Tony he drove his motorcade on some Mackinac Island Michigan. where cars have been banned since the revolutionary war. wait did he really yes. the motor can't. yeah I know I get what I got to ask is in and I wouldn't have the the expertise of this has a preservation present sitting ever gone. well this is this article saying this is the first time cars have been since nineteen thirty five Gerald Ford visit in the band was so strict that huge went by horse drawn carriage so parents might be the first president to do by car wow that's funny that's funny is funny I don't think only you could in this age you have to take a motor K. Lee I would assume so horse and carriage is too dangerous that's interesting though that's really interesting yeah all right next I Thomas cook Tony ever heard of it the airline I had not heard of the airline the only way I know of Thomas cook is that is the name of the absolutely horrific chief of staff of the mayor of Indianapolis I think his name was his name why I only wish he got grounded well so do their went bankrupt in two hundred thousand customers are face are stranded up to a four night waiting to be brought back home yes it's an airline deals a little regional kind of a flight so they went out and now they're people in Spain pants off cross the world. I can go home now I can't because there's there's no airline there's no planes so their belief is a Thomas cook airlines that like two weeks or three weeks to have the money to start flying again that's nice what am I doing in the month of may in trade since story right they believe that some other be back in operation one of these days maybe yeah exactly I it's that's just that's just dumb luck that's the socks I guess you you buy more tickets you like all right I guess is this vacation was more since I thought you know what I'm doing right now after the show so Thursday Friday we're gonna be in New York I'm gonna be on on fox and friends will be with Dana Perino we're doing some other things and I'm and I'm getting everything together and so I was looking at some some hotel staff. I'm all right dear lord. sometimes you just gotta use someone has got to pay up. some are just gonna throw it out there some of the things going to be staying a little bit so I got a I got a I got a book some things..

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