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Webcams and networking accessories. More at staples stores or staples dot com. STAPLES. It's morning edition on W N. Y C M. Michael Hill and the crowded race for New York City Mayor Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is consistently counted as a front runner. But he has a stubborn generation gap in his support. His campaign has not caught on with younger New Yorkers. W My CI's Glen Hogan reports. Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams is dressed for the occasion in a pinstripe suit and tie. Thank you a real significant moment for me to be here. With Abner Louima. Louima was brutally beaten by NYPD officers in 1997. He came from his home in Florida to endorse Adams for mayor not believed. Will be the greatest made 40 with city. The endorsement was meant in part for younger voters who may not have heard of Louima is the message. Those who have just discovered Fight for police reform. Have been committed to this for my entire life. Adams is a former police officer who co founded an advocacy group for black officers as a state senator. He testified against former police Commissioner Ray Kelly in the federal stop and Frisk trial. Adams hasn't managed to captivate young voters who want more radical change, especially when it comes to policing for like me, and for a lot of my peers they've seen over the past couple of decades that efforts to reform policing Has not made us safer. That's 19 year old Jada Shannon, a political science major at Hunter College. She says Adams more incremental approach hasn't worked. He thinks this is the only route we have to make it better and like That just isn't true. Political science Professor Christina Greer says Adams has a hard needle to thread if he wants to recruit younger supporters, young black progressives, They're like different. The police abolish the police. Older black homeowners like Where are the police? Look, I don't want these people on my yard. What is happening? I own a house, she says it may be wise for Adam's to spread his message of public safety to his base of older, more moderate Democrats across the city. They're more reliable voters. Anyway, There's something to be said about like dance with the person who brought you the news bringing you are moderates. Who care about crime and safety. Oh, God, Who makes all things new? Speak to us. At a vigil in Brownsville last month, residents of the van Dyke houses gathered to mourn the killing of a mother and her two Children. It is in your name we duper A man. Among those gathered was 61 year old Lair ship. Oh, a likely Adam's voter. Come June. When you think about how to communities have set up it kind of shut up to explode a lack of jobs, few after school programs, parents are stressed. Asked which mayoral candidate might be best suited to tackle those issues. She smiled. Well, You know, I kind of like my borough president. I think he has demonstrated that you know, his heart is for people. On the campaign trail. In recent weeks, Adams has been talking about the rise in shootings more than any other candidate in the race. I'm alarmed At the definite silence that we're hearing about this gun violence in our community. Unlike other more left wing candidates, Adams doesn't want to decrease the NYPD budget. He wants more funding for the unit handles gun violence and more spot checks, a train and bus stations to seize illegal weapons. These solutions to younger generation seemed like more of the same. He has old ways of thinking about what he considers reformed City Council member Antonio Reynaud. So who is running to succeed? Adams's borough president, is part of a younger generation of Brooklyn leadership. Another member of the new guard is state Senator Andrew Good artists He worked with Adam's and is supporting him for mayor. He sees the generation gap a little differently. We often grow up and we intentionally avoid taking the advice of our parents, I would venture to say. That Perhaps some people are not hearing Eriks message, even though it's the same as other candidates, but in a slightly different way, because we want to not hear it may be another sign of a generation gap. Adams isn't on social media much, but that didn't stop him from going viral. A few weeks ago, a video he made in 2011 was recirculated, innit? He encourage parents to search their Children's rooms. Look at all the items inside the room with Phil around, See was to possibility, looking for guns or drugs soon. Paper BOY love Prince, a 28, year old rapper and artist.

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