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Go on saying Get the hell out of here! He was. He was a hockey player. Come on now. E. I don't mean to be so rude. You got it. It's just like what? Five game in the front door. Get out of here. Jeez, Let's go. Antonio Antonio! What if Antonio was in Vegas, and he started hitting on your girlfriend during her, Meakin? I'd be. I don't know She's listening. Okay. Very cool. G tell her about our situation earlier. No, but she'll find out OK, Antonio. Welcome to the show, Michael Radio show in for vacationing, True Grab alive. Judita. Hello? But you know the game you wear the whereabouts and how we do it. Yes, I am beautiful Hike. Fantastic. All right, I'll give you a name. You tell me hurricane or he went insane, Aaron. Alexis Aaron Alexis. I'm suddenly a hurricane. The person went insane. Hey, believed that if I did, that was Alexis. That was my last day that Lexus, he believed that someone was trying to control him. Hey, fatally shot 12 people and injured three others with a shotgun. No one knew what drove him to be insane, But yeah, he was suffering. Definitely a psychotic break. Okay, well, a couple lines open up. If Tony doesn't get this, though, we have room for a couple more players. It is this Carolina hurricane or are they insane? I was also going to delve into it. Like Miami Hurricanes are named hurricanes. I just figured that'd be too difficult to keep it to this s O Carolina hurricane or are they insane? 7275791 or 25? 1, 807 711 or two. If I was going to Tony, he's here. Tony, are you all doing? Tony? How you doing there? How little pizza, huh? Hello? From Bali, you know? Hey, how you doing? You gotta can only that's good. You know, you know how we play the game, right? Yeah, Go ahead. All right, God. All right. Alan McMullen. Alan. Nick Mullen was here. What? Look at the hurricane. No, he stabbed a pregnant woman cheese. You're so happy about it. Yeah. D got bad. Yeah. Work it. It just it worked. He heard angry voices in his head. Tell him to do something evil, so he decided to stop a pregnant woman. You want to take some calls live on the air. We got some just ringing up. We're not 941. You're on the Air Micro Radio show in for education of Drew. Grab alive. Would you call this Lisa was what? MCA. Dorita? Yeah. Mike and unease and Corey and Ryan in the afternoon. I like that. That's a nice play on Judita. Go ahead. Whose name is What's your name? What's your name? Michael. Your name's Michael. Yeah. Okay. Where you calling from? Teradata. Seriously. All right, 941, you got to say Norman Circle much. Not really too rich for my blood. Yeah, Me, too. You know how the game's played. Yeah. All right. Cool. Okay. Corey cardinals going to give you a name? You have to decide if they are Carolina Hurricane or have they gone mentally insane? Corey, Cardinal. Go. All right, man. I just had the name and I went away. What the heck? Okay. Brad Malone. Hurricane or went insane. Hurricane. Oh, yeah. You got it. All right. Cool. I figured I'd make this one easy. Um all right. Next one. You tell me if it's a hurricane or went insane. Adam Hall, Adam Hall. Oh, definitely one insane. Definitely. Hurricane. My God. Hurricane by. Yeah. Good on the phone into blowing up. There was another one. I gotta give credit to Wikipedia. 863. Everybody think they look at the thing Quite Cardinal. Come on. Now. Who is this? Collars was Andrew. Andrew. All right. Cool. Where you calling from Lakeland? Yeah. Oma Grady. Judd. Welcome The micro radio Show in for Education of drug arrive alive. What do you got? All right. You ready? I'm gonna give you a name. You tell me. Is he insane? Or hurricane Ready? Tyler, Jack Newton. Only crap. Jack Newtown. Mm hmm. I'm gonna go with same Yes, he stabbed a man on a bus, which is pretty pretty damn insane. Today did have three names. That's what I was gonna say. That's all of.

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